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It seems that the Huskers might still be looking for one more at the CB spot to go along with Anterrio Sloan. While Sloan, and the cornerbacks in last year's class, all shared longer frames, this cornerback is a little short on the size. Don't hold that against him, because he knows that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

Tony Hurd is a 5-foot-9 and 185 pound cornerback from Missouri City (Texas) Marshall High School. Their spring just wrapped up and Hurd said it was a good spring for his team because the young players got involved.

"We are done with the spring," Hurd said. "It went really well. All of the young guys got a lot of work and we really got our team to gel. That went well.

"Gelling is a big part to next year. We really didn't lose anyone. All of our starters are coming back. We didn't have a very big senior class and I think the next thing was to kind of become a brotherhood."

As a cornerback, Hurd realizes that there is a little bit of guessing work, but he gets over that because of his field awareness. He can also get over that because he has good technique.

"I think that I have good field awareness. I always have a good feel for what is going on. As a cornerback, it's kind of a guessing game. You need to have good technique.

"I have good technique, but I can always polish it. I am a technician of the game. Your wit plays a big part. You are one side of the field seeing one route, but I can feel what is going on the other side of the field."

Hurd had a solid junior year for Marshall last year. "I had five interceptions, around 87 total tackles, 63 solo tackles, 16 pass break ups and one fumble recovery. I am not sure of all the honors I received last year."

The one thing that might stand out about Hurd on paper could be his height. At 5-foot-9, Hurd might be viewed as a possible match-up problem with opposing teams' receivers. He said that you need to see what he does to compensate for his lack of height.

"I basically bring it back to the old days and that it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. I may be 5-foot-9 or 5-foot-10, but I have confidence.

"I have a swagger about me. Swagger is what a good defensive back has to have and I know that I have a swagger. I am not afraid of height. The taller they come, the harder they fall."

Hurd is well into a double-digit offer total. He is holding a lot of offers from programs around the nation and they keep coming. The most recent offers have come in the last few days.

"I know that I am around 22 offers or so right now. I have Notre Dame, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Oregon, Oregon State and there is a lot more that I can't think of.

"I know that I have an offer from Kansas State. Colorado just offered me three days ago. The Nebraska offer is really a pretty new one too. The college coaches are at my school every day."

There are some very important things for Hurd to consider when it comes to choosing a school. He doesn't just want to play ball, he needs the whole package as well as feeling comfortable there for him and his family.

"First of all, I just want to be comfortable wherever I am at. I don't want to go to a place that's just a football school and I don't like my environment. Environment is important.

"Next is the coaching staff; he coaching staff that is going to prepare me for the next step in my life; whether that is the NFL or being part of a corporation and becoming a man.

"I don't just want to go to a place where I have a relationship with my position coach. I want a relationship with everyone. I want my mother to be comfortable with everyone because that is important to me.

"Of course there are the academics. The school for me will be the one that can play big-time ball as well as have big-time academics."

Hurd hasn't had a chance to really narrow anything down yet. He is planning on taking some trips this summer and he would like to have things down to a top 10 by the end of summer.

"No, I haven't had a chance to do that yet. This summer I will be attending a lot of camps at schools and taking unofficial visits. I will then get down to a top 10 at the end of the summer.

"For a fact, I know that I will be going to LSU. I am also going to Auburn. I will be attending camp at Tennessee, maybe. I am also going to Florida, USC, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and a couple of other schools."

One team that is really coming on strong for Hurd is Nebraska. The Husker coaching staff actually has a relationship with Hurd stretching back to another school where Nebraska's head coach came from.

"This last week, Nebraska has really come on strong for me. I have actually been picking up a lot of interest in them because I found out that Bo Pelini came from LSU, as well as part of his staff, and that is where we know each other from.

"Nebraska is really starting to get into the mix with me. I didn't know a lot about Nebraska before this past week, but I just got a lot of information on them. With Bo coming from LSU that is going to be a factor."

Nebraska gets a lot of their recruits from Texas on a yearly basis. Last year, Nebraska got two players from the Houston area. While Hurd didn't know either personally, he does know a recruit that Nebraska is after this year very well.

"Nebraska was telling me about Thaddeus Randle and Cody Green, I know the names, but don't have a personal relationship with them. Green was one of the biggest quarterbacks in Texas by size and by name.

"This year, Shaun Lewis and I are like brothers. I don't think that a lot of people knew that. We would really like to go to college together. We talk about recruiting, but we haven't come up with a list or anything like that."

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