Coach Speak: WR, Terry Keeston

Blue Springs High School is no stranger to all-star players. With that being said Head Coach Kelly Donohoe thinks Nebraska got a special one in Keeston Terry.

To talk to wide receiver Keeston Terry, you are left impressed. He's not just a well-spoken young man, but seems to have a certain discipline with how he says things. If he says it, he means it. That sort of thing.

At close to 6-3 and around 185 pounds Terry isn't even close to filling out his frame, but the good news is that he has the frame to fill. A playmaker, most say, a guy who you can't put your finger on just what he does well, because he's that versatile. But his prep Head Coach said it's easy to summarize. "If you need a play he's the guy who can make it. He's just makes plays," Said Donohoe. "He's just a real big playmaker here in the Kansas City area."

His total his junior year spoke to that, Terry averaging over 18 yards per catch, totaling close to 900 yards last year. But when he wasn't putting the yards together after the catch, he was doing plenty as a pure rusher, gaining over 500 yards on the ground, averaging over five yards per carry.

That versatility is what Donohoe says makes him special, because he truly takes advantage of all of his physical gifts. "His dad played for five years for the Kansas City Chiefs, so he's obviously got good bloodlines," Donohoe said of Doug Terry, who played with K.C. from 1992 through 1995. "So, he brings great hips, great speed and we use him everywhere, because he can do it all.

"But here's the thing: He cares about the game, he works hard at the game and is willing to do whatever it takes to get better."

Donohoe projects Terry to play wherever Nebraska needs him to play, whether it's on offense or even defense at safety. But for the position he's projected to play Donohoe said that just put him on the field and he can get the job done. "We use him everywhere, because that's how versatile he is. And the great thing is, especially with his broad shoulders, he's a kid that will probably get to 6-3, somewhere around 210 pounds and I think that will be about right," he said. "With his character and work ethic, he's already a great playmaker for us, but that added size is going to take him to yet another level."

Donohoe sees the style of offenses as universal when it comes to fitting what Terry does. Whether it's a spread, zone read or your typical west coast, he said Terry can fit. He's confident enough that while he isn't making predictions necessarily, what Terry has he says could take him all the way. "He's just one of those special kids that if you are talking about a kid who could play on Sundays, it would be someone like Keeston Terry."

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