Welcome to our next edition of TAKE ONE, where we take you through the week that was in recruiting and what's to come. In this edition, we will take a look at recent pledges to NU along with a couple of new updates on players like Clinton Polk and Lance Broadus. That's just scratching the surface though, so get out the extra coffee filters and sit back for this edition of TAKE ONE.

Calvin Roberts

He DID NOT commit. I swear, I have to babysit some of you, because you will believe anything and everything you read.

Simple rule, if it's not a quote from that player saying they committed, IT'S NOT A COMMIT!

Calvin is still taking his visits and is still thinking things over and with the recent commit of Joe Dailey, he could be looking elsewhere as it is. So, please, if he didn't say it, it's not a done deal.

Speaking of Joe Dailey, he's going an awful lot of heat back home because of his de-commit from ‘Cuse. Joe is doing his best to take care of that. "I just told people that I don't want to talk to coaches, because I know what they want to do." Dailey stated. "I never wanted to be the bad guy and I feel bad about this, but I have to think about the next four years of my life."

Some say he isn't solid for NU, but I would disagree. I think this is one you can put in the bank.

Staying with the signal callers, I think you can write off Courtney Denson as he is in love with shallow depth charts and NU just got less deep with the commit of Dailey. It's not like Virginia Tech is shallow, but their closer proximity gives them the edge to keep Denson a Hokie.

And what about Tommy Z? The worst thing for Nebraska fans could have been the great performance that Tommy had on defense in the All-American game down in San Antonio. He proved to everyone else, but especially himself that he could indeed play with some of the big boys, and that's never having played the position before. If he starts leaning towards the defensive side, NU's chances just got worse. So, the next couple of weeks should be interesting.

Another QB recruit is Earl Everett. The linebacker that wants to be a QB. Well, though he has Nebraska amongst his final three, the other two happen to be real close to home. That's the key. Getting kids out of Florida is not easy and though Everett is a good QB, the addition of Joe Dailey isn't going to make getting Earl out of the sunshine state any easier. I wouldn't write him completely off just yet, but NU's chances just got close to slim to none.


There's a whopping two visitors this weekend, running back Clinton Polk and super stud safety, Daryl Johnson.

Clinton is kind of a new name onto the scene for NU, but he's well known down at Desert Vista in Phoenix. And why wouldn't he be? This kid averaged over 14 yards a carry this season. 14 yards a carry!!!! At 6'4" and 195 lbs., he's lanky, but quick and his 4.4/40 makes him a weapon for a multitude of positions. Greg Biggins describes Clinton as a sleeper that has really come on and with stats like that and measurements like that, there's little doubt as to why. He is reported to have an offer right now and his relationship with Ron Brown is supposed to be key here. That gives Nebraska a slight edge as Ron Brown is currently NU's top recruiter. Clinton is also looking at the Oregon schools and Arizona State.

Daryl Johnson is.........well, Daryl Johnson. Great size, great speed, is deadly on defense, offense and special teams and he's rated as the third best in the country at his position. Did Bo Pelini have an affect on this visit happening and will Marvin Sanders be around to actually visit Daryl while he's here? NU getting the visit is considerable, so any chance they have at this stud is a better chance than nothing at all. Daryl has his eyes in the south as well, looking at schools like Miami, Florida and LSU.

Another Commit!!!!

Adrain Turner, a CB out of Texas announced his commitment to Nebraska last night. He said that the biggest selling point of NU was that NU didn't try to sell him, rather just told him how it was. That integrity is said to have cost NU at times, but in this case, it got them a small, but speedy defensive back. Adrain is not lacking for confidence and with the reported addition of cornerback coach, Marvin Sanders, NU fans might get to see what this standout can do.


Ahh, that mystery commit at running back. The rumored commit of a tailback that nobody seems to have a clue as to who it is. Is it Antwon Guidry they are referring to or is it this new name, Clinton Polk? Tyson Thompson perhaps or is Nebraska going to pull one of those usual, "pull a recruit out of the hat" tricks, getting a pledge from someone that most people don't even know exists. We're on the case and trying to hunt this kid down, but if he exists, it could be signing day when we realize just who he is.


As the recruiting takes shape, the timing may seem a little late, but Frank Solich seem to be getting (at least on defense) some solid hires. With Bo Pelini already in the fold and sure to make an immediate impact in recruiting, Sanders is reported to having been inked and again, that's a big score for the Solich regime.

On offense, the questions still remain and the only "legit" information is from the recruits themselves that say they have been told that Turner Gill is the new asst. head coach and Barney Cotton is the new offensive coordinator. The rest of the questions to be answered could still have an affect, especially if Milt Tenopir is given the pink slip.


Last time we did our TAKE ONE, we ran down the scholarships we believed available and what might be used on the offensive side of the ball. This time, we take a look at the defensive side. One note we do have to take into account though is the commit of Joe Dailey at QB, who we did not have on our projected list. That doesn't change the overall amount though as we think NU will still take two quarterbacks, but the previous list of candidates remains intact.

Ok, so that leaves anywhere from 4-7 ships by our estimate that NU will have to give out, so let's break it down.


Nebraska lost three out of their top four rush ends and though the re-introduction of Benard Thomas is anticipated with great excitement, Nebraska has some holes to fill. With the pledge of Wali Muhammad, Nebraska needs no less than one more rush end, probably two. We will go with one more though as if the offensive allotment is correct, there's not going to be a ton to pass around on this side of the ball.


Wali Muhammad


Kyle Caldwell

Doug Langenfeld

J.C. Braker

Junior Lemau'u


Now, here's one position that NU isn't in complete panic mode to fill back up. They lost one starter and the status of Jason Lohr is still unknown as he is expected to at least try for another year. Either way, NU brings back everyone that played significant time, but one guy and that bodes well for NU and not so well for anyone NU plays. Nebraska did pick up a pretty prized commit though at that position in Brandon Teamer. The question is whether Teamer even stays at that position, but for now, he's a DT. And with that, I don't see NU has to address with, especially with players like Brandon Greeson and Jared Helming who have yet to take a snap.


Brandon Teamer


Donnel Livingston

Brad Girtman

Jeremy Harrell

Jared Naylor


There's a lot of questions marks here. Scott Shanle is the only starter to depart, but with the expected movement of Lannie Hopkins to one of the LB positions, most likely replacing Scott's vacated position, the locations of either Demorrio Williams and T.J. Hollowell is unknown. NU's recent pledge of Corey McKeon made the current linebacker class of commits solid. The qualification status of Steve Craver (listed as a safety, projected at LB) though turns three into two, that being Corey McKeon and Bo Ruud. That's not bad, but NU could use one more, especially if he's one of those slam dunk types. Being in on one of those is the issue as Nebraska is in on one of the best linebackers in the country, but wouldn't you know, he's only interested in NU, because he has aspirations of being a QB. Go figure.


Steve Craver

Bo Ruud

Corey McKeon


Larry Edwards

Lance Broadus

Marquis McBeath


The positions of safety and rover and full of what we like to call, potential. At Free Safety, you have starter, Philip Bland, followed closely by players like Jerrell Pippens and Josh Bullocks. Only Pippens is going into his final year, so youth and depth doesn't seem to be an issue, but at times, quality has. At the Rover position, it's not quite as deep as again, I would expect Lannie Hopkins to move, which leaves Aaron Terpening and Daniel Bullocks as the principle competitors for the job. While "Terp" proved capable at times, he was inconsistent at best and Daniel simply hasn't had enough reps to really know what he can do. Currenty, NU has one commit in Kade Pittman, but I wouldn't see a problem with NU getting two more to add to this group.


Kade Pittman


Daryl Johnson

Quincy Wallin

Chevin Pace

Chris Harris

Matt Nation

Titus Brothers


With the loss of DeJuan Groce, there's an immediate need for NU to find a quality replacement. Depth at either cornerback slot is paper thin right now with real experience and even the starting spot on the other side is not that experienced in soon to be true sophomore, Fabian Washington. His baptism by fire should prime him for a good year this up-coming season, but a true freshman starting at CB tells you just how deep NU really is. Though Adrain Turner is listed as a safety on the insiders, he's projected at CB, but I could easily see how NU needs to get at least two more commits for this unit as Nebraska is going to need them, either now or later.


Adrain Turner


Chijoke Onyenegcha

Lionel Green

Brian Staley

Donald Defrand

Mike Jenkins

That's it for defense and though I would love to go over special teams, I think NU is in good enough shape that they won't need to spend a scholarship not already used to get someone quality on the team. Dale Endorf could give Sandro DeAngelis a run for his money and on returns, NU has a ton of quality guys that make very viable candidates for the job.

So, that's it. Seven more to complete the list and that's our projection for what they have and now, what they need.


One of the biggest questions people always ask during this time of year, "who's the next commit?". Well, that's just setting yourself up to look stupid when you answer that, because unless you have some sort of inside clue as to who it might be, most people are almost always wrong.

But, what the heck, let's go out on a limb and give you our prediction of the next commit to Nebraska.

Because nobody knows anything about Clinton Polk, he's speculated as being the next one. I don't think so. I think the next commit comes on the defensive side of the ball. With the addition of Pelini, I think the last visit for Lance Broadus, that being the one to Nebraska is the one that makes the biggest impact. Bo Pelini is a very no-nonsense kind of guy and Lance likes that as he is a no-nonsense kind of player and especially, hitter. The new coach, the depth chart and of course, the Nebraska reputation I think takes the cake for Broadus and he is the next NU commit.

Hey, I promised you a couple of updates on Lance Broadus and Clinton Polk. Well, here they are.

Lance Broadus - LB - Lance has moved up the charts consistently over the season, thus making his name prime for the picking as teams are trying to fill their much needed linebacking spots. He's fast, physical and has the size to make you drool for any of the linebacker spots. He's also a very aggressive hitter. One thing that Lance is particularly proud of though is his ability to see the field. "I know it's going to happen before it does." Lance said. "That along with my speed I think are my best attributes."

And as you might expect, Lance is particularly offensive in his defensive player's mentality. Yeah, he's into those blind-side hits. "My mind is just blank and I just get excited." Lance said of those classic hits.

Out of the schools that Lance is looking at, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Oregon are the top three, Oregon with a slight lead. "I haven't seen Nebraska, so I don't really know that much about them." Broadus stated. "I'll know more after my visit."

Clinton Polk - RB - Over 14 yards per carry? Are you kidding me? And he's 6'4"? Well, the kid must weigh 240 lbs. or something, right? Nope, not right. Clinton is a lanky 195 lbs. , which makes his running style indicative to that. "I'm elusive and fast." Clinton said. "I'll go through them if I have to, but if I have some space, I'll just try to get around him."

That kind of prolificness running the ball, well, it's incredible. You would assume that he had carried the ball only a handful of times, but Clinton carried it almost 70 times on the year. He's literally that sleeper that came out of nowhere and all of a sudden, he's been looked at by some of the biggest of the big.

Over on the west coast especially, he's drawing attention from Arizona State, Oregon and Oregon State, not to mention his Midwestern courter, Nebraska. He's reported to have an offer from at least Nebraska as a running back, but with this young man's frame, you can see where he can play just about anywhere except the interior. He's literally a potential gem for anyone that gets him.

Like I said before, he's visiting this weekend and Nebraska could end up getting a steal

Ok folks, that's it. No, no single position evaluation and I know, you are happy about that. We'll spin the week that was once again in a week from around this time and we'll take you down the road through recruiting. Check out our audio bytes on the premium message board along with other updates that don't see the front page or that you might have missed. We have audio bytes up now with Adrain Turner on his commit to NU and we talked to Corey McKeon as well. Check those out and everything else and we will see you later.

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