Huskers fighting for one of two officials

When your list of offers include the last three national champs, that's about it. No more worrying about who will offer you, because the who's who already has. Now it's about managing a list that keeps on growing, along with figuring out official visits. Three are for certain, and Nebraska is fighting to be one of the last two.

Florida, CAL, USC

Those are the three teams defensive end Owamagbe Odighizuwa knows he'll be visiting officially, after the beginning of his senior season arrives.

It's the other two which are a problem.

Tough problem to have as Odighizuwa is considering amongst the rest of his offers, which is approaching 20, the most recent coming from Duke – where exactly he'll go.

But he thinks he knows the top schools he's considering for those last two officials.

"Right now I'd say that Nebraska, LSU and Notre Dame are probably the ones I am considering most for the other two visits. I haven't really narrowed that down yet," he said. "I am hoping to get some of this figured out soon, because I really want a set group before my season starts."

Of the Huskers Odighizuwa said that he's being recruited by Defensive Ends Coach John Papuchis, has talked to Head Coach Bo Pelini and he knows all about Nebraska's prime-time performer on defense this year, a young man who hails from his own neck of the woods. "Yeah, I know about Suh. I know that he's going to be a pretty important player for them this year," he said of senior defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who should go into this season at the very least a preseason All-Conference selection. "I know about Pelini and Papuchis coming from LSU, so I'm familiar with their defense."

You can bet the Huskers coaches are more than familiar with Owamagbe, as well.

18 sacks. That's what the Oregon native notched last year, part of his almost one hundred tackles on the season. At 6-3, 240 he certainly has the frame, but what Odighizuwa is proud of is what he figures will translate best to the next level of play. "At this level you can get by on athleticism, size, strength – stuff like that. But at the next level everyone is good. That's why I am proud of my technique," he said. "It's about how you use your hands, your feet, how you read what the offense is doing. All that is really important if you want to have success at the next level."

Back to the recruiting, while it would seem that there is a list of sorts, Owamagbe said that he still can't rule anyone out quite yet. But though he doesn't feel the pressure to narrow the list down, knowing full well that this list could be growing instead of shrinking as the months progress, he'd still try to get it a little more manageable as soon as possible. "I'm not sure about visits I might make between now and my season. I am just trying to learn as much as I can about everyone," he said. "But I am hoping to have a pretty solid list figured out before the Summer is over. That way I can just focus on a few schools and my season my last year of school."

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