NU offers Oklahoma athlete

In an effort to bring size and speed to the Nebraska roster, the Huskers mailed an offer to an explosive player from Oklahoma. He went on the record with Big Red Report to talk about football, recruiting and his interest level in Nebraska.

With several early offers already in hand,Julian Wilson out of Southmoore high school in Moore (Okla.) has plenty of good options to pick from. But the 6-foot-2, 180-pounder also still feels the need to put his best foot forward every day.

"These early offers are great, but I still think I have a lot to prove. That's the thing about me, I try to get better every day. Lifting, running or whatever, I just keep pushing harder."

Who are your offers to this point?

"It's hard to remember them all. I've got Stanford, Rice, SMU, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Louisville, Air Force, Tulsa, Missouri and now Nebraska. I think that is all of them.

"I just got that offer from Nebraska recently, it was over the phone last Friday. Then I received the official letter on Tuesday."

What about position, have any of the schools said specifically where they see you playing at the next level?

"It's pretty much even right now. Some want me at defensive back, and some want me at receiver. Some have also said we are going to just offer you as an athlete and will figure it out when the time comes."

What about Nebraska, have they expressed which spot they prefer?

"I'm thinking Nebraska wants me at receiver because when they came by my school they let it be known they like me there. And once my coach showed them my tape and the way I can block, run and catch, I think they decided wide receiver."

He also talked about how the Huskers got involved in his recruitment.

"It's kind of funny how it all went down. They were sending me all kinds of mail but I wasn't getting it because it was going to Westmoore high school, but I had switched schools and starting going to Southmoore. They didn't know I had transferred, so I wasn't getting any of the letters. And because they never heard from me they didn't think I was interested.

"When everything got straightened out I sent them an email. That same day I sent it, the whole offensive staff was watching my film with coach Bo. Later that day I got an email saying to get ready for some good news. Then the next afternoon they said I had an offer. They said the coaches on the offensive side want me but so do the coaches on the defensive side. I got the letter in the mail the following Tuesday."

What about you growing up in the state of Oklahoma, do you have any animosity towards the Huskers given their rivalries with the home state Sooners? And if Oklahoma or Oklahoma State offers are you off the market?

"I don't have anything against Nebraska, I'm open to any school. I'm going to get up there this summer and see the campus and meet the coaches. That's a school I know I'll visit.

"I followed Oklahoma State because my dad played there, but he is not pushing me to go there, he is open to everybody too. But I don't just watch OSU or OU and I wouldn't just commit right then if they offered. I'm not going to commit to a place just because they offer, I need to see all the schools first.

"Now I watch a lot of Kansas, Arizona and Nebraska. But the thing that sticks out to me when I watch Nebraska is their fan tradition, they support the team like crazy. I want to go to a school where the fans care about what's going on. They always have a real home field advantage because of that."

And even though football is his ticket to college, Julian also excels in other sports in high school.

"I've been playing basketball a long time. I've been told I could probably get offers from schools in it too, not any of the major schools, but some of the smaller D-1 schools. I think I have a better chance at football though.

"I do the 100, 200, 4x1 and 4x4 in track. My best 100 meter is a 10.4 and my best 200 was a 21.1."

Wow, a 10.4 in the 100 meter is a really good time.

"Yeah that is fast, I finished 3rd in the state. I got beat by two dudes that are going on full rides for track to Kansas and Texas. So I guess that means I'm pretty fast."

Since your position in college is still up in the air, would you rather use that speed on offense or defense at the next level?

"I honestly don't care. I'll be looking at how many players they are graduating and how much playing time I can get. So it doesn't matter to me which side I play on. I just want to be given a chance to get on the field early. I plan to work for it, but I also want to get opportunities."

That leads to my last question. What are the main things you're looking for in a program?

"Education, that is my main thing. My parents stay on me about my grades (3.9 GPA). I really want to go to a school that will help me strive in the classroom. I want to be great on the football field and in the classroom.

"Second would have to be the team, and how they develop players, and how the players are treated by the coaches. I don't just want a coach that cares about me as a football player, but can be a father figure to me.

"And then third would be fan tradition. I want to play in front of big crowds and play for people that get amped up for the games, just a place where people care."

Julian said he plans to take as long as needed to get a better feel for the schools before making a decision. His father is a former linebacker at Oklahoma State, but Julian said that will have no bearing on his decision and he considers himself wide open at this point. He also stated that his lead recruiter from Nebraska is Barney Cotton, who he looks forward to meeting on an unofficial visit sometime later this summer.

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