Almost all the Big 12 has offered

Taller defensive tackles are far and few between. The taller ones are usually all gobbled up early in the recruiting process and those that ride it are usually some of the most popular names as the recruiting year goes along. Torrea Peterson seems destined to be one of those players that is talked about long into the process.

At 6-foot-4 and 285-pounds, Torrea Peterson is a highly sought after defensive tackle from San Antonio (Texas) East Central. East Central had a good spring and Peterson said there were some holes to fill, but the team is getting better.

"It went pretty good," Peterson said. "We are getting better on offense and defense. We were trying to make some transitions in some positions, a lot of progress, but still trying to get better."

Peterson was hoping to improve his feet and his quickness overall. He says that he doesn't have any problem recognizing the play, but sometimes the feet were hard to follow the mind.

"I would have to say my feet, speed and agility. Recognizing and reacting quicker to some things on the field. Everything else was already there."

What makes Peterson special is that he plays both the nose and the tackle positions. As a tackle, he has the smarts, strength and pretty good straight line speed to pursue the play from the inside.

"I am playing both the one or the three. I think that I am more natural at the one, but I can play both. I would say my intelligence, physical strength because I bench 405 pounds and I am still pretty fast for a defensive lineman."

Things couldn't be going a lot better for Peterson on the recruiting front. He is holding offers from 11 teams from the Big 12 and one of the best teams in the SEC. Lately, USC has been inquiring about Peterson.

"Recruiting is going good. I think that I am up to 14 offers. I have offers from all of the Big 12 except for Missouri, Kansas and Kansas State. I also have offers from LSU, SMU and USC just came into the picture not to long ago."

When Peterson sits down and thinks about his college choice, he is really going to think about the people and the feeling he got at the school. He is looking at a school for more than just the football.

"One big thing is the people that are there at the school; their attitudes and the vibe that I get from the coaches at the school. It's great to go to a school known for football, but I feel like it's more about the academics and the people."

The Huskers are one of the Big 12 teams to extend an offer to Peterson. Peterson was supposed to get up to Lincoln for the spring game, but distance and unfamiliarity with the area and the school might have deterred him from making that trip. Now, Nebraska contact has really fallen off for Peterson.

"I was supposed to get up to Nebraska for the spring game, but wasn't able to go. It's not as serious anymore between them and me. I haven't been in too much contact with them recently and also that is an area that I am just not familiar with.

"I haven't really talked too much to them. I am not too close to them. It would be nice to go to school that is closer to home, but I am not opposed to going to school that is far away."

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