West coast TE will visit Nebraska

As Nebraska searches far and wide for top prospects to finish out an already strong recruiting class, Harold Mobley recently received his offer from the Huskers. Such a multi-talented athlete would be a welcomed addition to any program. Can the Huskers get another tight end prospect out of California for the second year in a row?

Harold Mobley, out of Corona (CA) Eleanor Roosevelt high school, is an intriguing prospect to say the least. Standing 6-foot-4 and 227 pounds with a 4.6 forty, Harold is an imposing player no matter where he lines up. But seeing him out at wide receiver down in the red zone would be a nightmare for any defensive back.

"I just tell the quarterback when we are down there, throw it up and I'll go get it. It's hard for those defensive backs to really do anything. I just use my size to go over the top, there is really nothing they can do."

He may like to be flexed out as a wide receiver, but Harold finds himself all over the field on game days.

"Our coach has me play everywhere. On offense I play quarterback, wide receiver, tight end and they have this half-back set where I run the ball out of the backfield.

"And on defense, they put me at defensive end, linebacker and sometimes they throw me out there at corner, usually if there is a big receiver to guard. I punt and long snap too, but not at the same time," laughed Mobley.

Where are you offer wise, and when did the contact from Nebraska start?

"I've picked up UNLV, Nevada, Colorado and Nebraska. But I'm hearing from most of the Pac 10. I just got the offer in the mail from Nebraska like a week or two ago.

"Their coach, Carl Pelini, just came to my school and saw me practice. I was like this is Nebraska, this is a big team, this isn't a joke, I've got to show them what I've got.

"Then I started getting letters from them, two weeks later I had the offer in the mail. Then I was like wow, I've got a chance to go there and I'm going to take advantage of it."

Were you excited about the offer from the Huskers, is that a program you could see yourself playing for?

"Yes I could, I've watched them play and it just feels right, they are like a family. I didn't know much more about Nebraska other than what I've seen on TV. I've been researching them on the internet since I got the offer though."

What about your size and many talents, where do these programs project you at on the college level?

"Colorado wants me at receiver, the other schools like Nebraska like me as a tight end or maybe defensive end. Nebraska likes me at either one, but I think maybe tight end a little more. I have good speed and use my body well, I don't drop many passes either."

Were you born and raised in California, and what football team did you pull for growing up?

"Yes, I was born in California and lived here all my life. In the pro's, I've always liked the Broncos. In college I always liked Nebraska and Florida. Both those teams were good when I was growing up."

So would you say location from home isn't a big factor in your decision?

"It doesn't matter to me where I go, wherever suits me best. I don't see location impacting my decision, in the end I just have to pick the best place for my future."

Harold says he wants to get out this summer to get a look at some campuses, but he might also wait and take some officials as well.

"I'd like to take some visits this summer, just so I can see if I like the area of the school. I'd hate to make a decision before I see a school, then get out there and be like, what have I got myself into?

"Of course I'm going to try to get out to Nebraska. Also Colorado and I might head up to Fresno. We'll see about Oregon and maybe a few others. I would like to go to that camp out at Nebraska, I think it's in June. Colorado also has one that I'll try to get to.

"But if I don't get out there this summer to Nebraska, I'll be there on an official."

When do you see yourself committing? Do you have a timeframe for a commitment or is it just when it feels right?

"It could be at anytime, just whenever I feel like I have enough information. I want to make sure it's what I'm looking for. There is no point in holding out if I know where I want to go. I don't want to build up all these relationships with these schools if I know I'm not going there."

Big Red Report will check back with Harold periodically to see if he finalizes any visit plans for the summer.

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