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All it takes sometimes is a change to open the flood gates. That is exactly what happened with Donovan Johnson of Arlington (Texas) Martin. The majority of the time Johnson has been on the field for Martin has been on the offensive side of the ball. That was until he got the opportunity to play a little defense, and that has really opened the eyes of the college coaches.

Donovan Johnson is a big football player for Arlington (Texas) Martin that is only going to get bigger. According to Head Coach for Arlington Martin, Bob Wager, Johnson wears a 19 shoe, has some of the broadest shoulders you have ever seen, a lean 250 who can probably play at 280 or 290 and is extremely athletic.

"From an offensive lineman standpoint," Head Coach Bob Wager said, "Johnson is physical, he constantly moves his feet which is important and he has the athleticism to do a lot of different things."

Why Coach Wager stated from an offensive lineman standpoint is because up until this spring, that is what Johnson has really only had a chance to do. But, Johnson had a chance to go both ways this spring and that really opened the eyes of the coaches at Martin and the college coaches that were in to evaluate the players at Martin.

"There is a lot of interest for Donovan to play defensive line. It was the first time to really play defensive line this spring, because we are a school with 3,400 kids, and there really isn't a need to play someone both ways.

"But, he got in there on the defensive line this spring and he was a terror. He was really having a good spring as a defensive tackle and the college coaches that were coming in said that they didn't have him as a defensive tackle, but they all took note of it."

As for how Nebraska sees Johnson, Coach Wager said that wherever Nebraska were to stick him in college, if he chose to go there, wouldn't be because they hadn't done their homework.

"I don't know their intentions as to where they like him the most. I know that they have been very thorough with their evaluation on him and have seen him on both sides of the ball.

"That is really to be expected of Nebraska and Tim Beck. Tim Beck is a great recruiter for Nebraska who has a tremendous relationship with the high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area."

School is out all over the Dallas-metroplex and Johnson is already on the road. It seems that he will have a visit as early as tomorrow or some time the early part of this week.

"I know that he is going to Nebraska. I think that they are going tomorrow. I think that he will actually be up there for the visit tomorrow. If it's not tomorrow, it's the early part of this week that is for sure."

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