Johnson heading out of Lincoln

With 11 offers in hand most kids probably wouldn't feel the need to go to camps, especially at Universities which have already offered them. But it's a nice chance to get to check out the school and the coaches. That's just what defensive lineman Donovan Johnson did over the last day or so, as he came in, camped and took a hard look at the Huskers.

The first thing you would have to know about Donovan Johnson is that aside from obviously being a heck of a defensive lineman, he's also very even keel. That means he doesn't get too high or too low over anything.

That can serve you well on visits, unofficial or otherwise, because it helps keep things in perspective.

That's just what Johnson was looking for when he came in for his camp/unofficial visit, a perspective on the campus, the workout program and the coaches.


"It's a good program. The facilities were really nice, I liked the workout program and the coaches I met were pretty nice guys," Johnson said. "Coach (Carl) Pelini seems like a really good coach."

One thing that Johnson said did stand out for him was the basic demeanor of the entire school. "They are pretty laid back. I like that. They are pretty even," he said.

He also said that it didn't hurt Nebraska that the Huskers were the only game in town. "They don't have anything else around here, so the team is what all the fans look at. I like that," he said.

Because of the tight schedule for camp Johnson said that while he got to meet a few current Huskers in passing, he really didn't get a chance to talk to anyone right now. But he also said that he would down the road.  Nebraska now finds itself firmly entrenched on his list of potential official visits, joining Kansas State and TCU. Donovan said that he'll be visiting TCU when he gets back home to Texas, and he plans to camp at UTEP this weekend.

As for leaders he says he has none. The Husker visit ranked high, but Donovan is still resolute in not making his decision until after his official visits are done or his senior season is over, whichever comes first. He'll make sure it's right. "I'm just checking them out with my dad just to see what they are about and how they might fit me," he said. "I still have a few places to go."

One other place might be Purdue, a school which hasn't offered as of yet, but because of their defensive play Johnson said he's interested in potentially taking a trip there.

Donovan has offers from Nebraska, Kansas State, Iowa State, UTEP, TCU, UNLV and New Mexico, amongst others.

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