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One of the fastest rising prospects on the west coast just added a Nebraska offer to his list. Big Red Report tracked down the elusive two-way standout to get his thoughts on the recruiting process, and his early impressions of the Huskers.

Anthony Brown, a 5-foot-11 and 185-pound athlete from Henry J. Kaiser high school in Fontana (CA), is not only tough to catch on the football field, but off as well.

You've been hard to reach Anthony, I must have caught you on a slow day.

"I've been traveling a lot hitting camps, so I've been pretty busy. I've had fun at the camps, every camp I've went to I've won a MVP. I just did the camp at UCLA, and I thought I did pretty good. They had me doing a lot of running back stuff out there. I'll be going to the Rising Stars camp at USC, then another camp after that in L.A. I'll probably hit one of the underclassman combines too. Everything I do at these camps, I do at full speed, and usually good things come from that."

When it comes to his play at the high school level, there is one thing Anthony has in common with a lot of high school players, he plays both offense and defense for his squad. But unlike a lot of players about to enter their senior year, playing multiple sports won't be on the agenda, it's all about football for Anthony.

"I've been playing football since I was seven years old, I was a center back then," Anthony said with a chuckle. "You know, I played a little baseball when I was little. I've never been into basketball or track. I plan to graduate early (3.3 GPA), and I'm just focusing on football this year. I want to head off to school in December and get a jump on all the other freshman."

Another thing that makes Anthony different from other Husker prospects in California, he is not originally from the Golden State. Matter of fact, he's only been there for a few years.

"I wasn't born out here, I'm from Mississippi, right outside of Jackson. My dad moved out here awhile back, and I came with him. I tried it out and liked it, so I just stayed out here. That was like two years ago. I already lost my southern accent too." laughed Brown.

Being a transplant has another advantage, it also means he's not a Pac 10 lean.

"The Pac 10 is nice, but so is the SEC and the Big 12. I really don't have a favorite college or conference. Only campuses I've seen are UCLA, California and USC, that is the only three. I need to see some of these other schools too. I'm wide open on that stuff."

When I watch your film, I see you play both ways. Talk about some of your skill sets on the football field.

"We run some Wing-T offense, and I like that a lot, running between the tackles is all me. I shared carries last year, I only had about a 105, but this year I'm the designated back so I'm going to get the job done this year. We've never really had at quarterback that can throw, so it's all about the run with us."

"I play defensive back too, I've gone both ways the whole game all my life, so I never take a break. I'll be playing special teams this year too.

"As far as what I bring to the team, I have an assassin's mentality when I'm on the football field, I bring it on every play."

There will however be one big difference in his game from last year, he'll finally be able to see.

"I was blind out there last year, I didn't have my contacts until the season was almost over. Now I have my contacts it should help a lot, and I can see what I'm doing out there. That's why I couldn't return punts and kickoffs last year, but I will this year and I bet you I take a few to the house."

Other than Nebraska, who has stepped up to the plate with an offer?

"I'm holding Iowa State, Colorado, Nevada, UTEP and you know about Nebraska. I've been hearing from Washington, Tennessee, USC and UCLA a lot too. USC wants me to come to their camp, they might offer me as an athlete or defensive back. Most of the Pac 10 has been in contact with me."

When did the offer from Nebraska come?

"I got that one like last week, to tell you the truth, I didn't even know I had it. My coach told me congratulations, he said Nebraska just offered you and I was really happy about it. Carl Pelini had come by the school a few weeks before that, which was like three weeks ago.

"You know we can't say much to each other, but he talked with my coach for awhile. I guess he got some tape, watched it and made the offer."

Anthony then went on to talk about his thoughts on the offer from the Huskers.

"My dad has been talking about it a lot. He said if I want to run the rock, that's the place to be. That's the kind of place I want to go, a school that's big on using the running back. I really want to take an official visit out there and see how it is.

"I already went online to the school's website and checked things out. I saw the facilities, that stadium and the campus, everything looks real nice. That's why I want to go on a visit out there, and I want to make it one of my first. Nebraska was like one of my first offers that I really, really like. You really can't go wrong with Nebraska."

Have any of the programs recruiting you talked about where they see you playing on the college level, offense or defense?

"All the offers I have right now are for running back but Colorado, they just want me as an athlete. But some other schools that haven't offered yet are talking about corner. I think I could be a lockdown corner, I don't let guys get off the line. If they do get off the line, I have the speed to make up for it. I run between a 4.40 and a 4.43 consistently."

Anthony also said he already as a pretty good idea when he thinks he might make a commitment, so don't look for it anytime soon.

"I want to just wait until after the summer and take my official visits, I'd like to take all five. I know most kids don't do that, but I want to see what the schools have. I'm playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game and I'd like to commit there. But you know how these things go, it could be before that too."

Have you thought about what you're looking for in a college? What does a school have to have to get a commitment from Anthony Brown?

"I want to play in a good environment, you know, how people get treated means a lot. Is everybody on the team like brothers, and stuff like that. I want to major in Kinesiology, so the school needs to be strong in that, I want to get my degree. It would be nice if the classes aren't far apart either, just little stuff like that.

"I'd also like to play for a big-time football program. That's why I want to take my visits, so I can get the vibe at each school."

Anthony rushed for 1,010 yards on just 105 carries last year, he also scored 11 touchdowns. On defense he had 48 tackles to go along with 3 interceptions. Anthony also trains three days a week and keeps a close eye on his nutrition. Big Red Report will continue to monitor the recruitment of Anthony Brown, and bring you updates throughout the summer.

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