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The defensive line is one of the top areas for Nebraska in the 2010 class. The Huskers need to secure a number of inside and outside commitments along the defensive line. A player whose name has become increasingly popular with Nebraska fans is Donovan Vestal from Arlington (Texas) Bowie. Vestal was supposed to be in Lincoln this week, will he still make it?

Donovan Vestal is a recruit that people are going to need to keep an eye on. The 6-foot-5 and 215-pound Vestal is long and athletic and is looking to assume one of the leadership roles that Arlington (Texas) Bowie needs.

"The spring went well," Vestal said. "We put the work in and worked hard. We were really trying to pull together. We lost a lot of great players and assets to the team and we needed to build some team leaders.

"I saw the opportunity to step up. I grabbed one last year, even though I was younger, and steeped up. I wanted to be that type of guy that led by example and gave someone to look up to."

Vestal wanted to just get more physical this spring. In fact, that was one of the things as a team that they really wanted to address and they did it with one of the more physical drills in football.

"Strength, I wanted to get more physical. The theme all spring for our team was getting more physical. Everyday it was Oklahoma Drill, getting physical with one another. We wanted to get stronger, faster and more physical."

For defense, it's a bit of a state of mind for Vestal. If you ask him to do something, even if it is going to be close to impossible to do it, he will get it done. He pursues the ball all over the field, relentlessly.

"There is no running on our defensive line. We plug all the holes. I get to any hole I have to. If I have to get to opposite A gap then I am getting there. If I see the ball on the line, I am making the tackle. I want to make every tackle out there. I am going after the ball, everywhere."

There are a dozen offers on the table for Vestal at this point including top programs from the SEC and Big 12. When he finds the right school, it will be because of the family environment and the connection he makes to everyone with the team.

"I have around 12 right now. They are from Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Rice, Houston, UTEP, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State and a couple of others.

"I want it to be like a family when I get up there. I am trying to connect to which school will be best for me. Who is laying it on the line for me and not trying to get something else with me."

Vestal is noticing some teams are pitching him not just for the player that he is, but also to make a run at highly touted Diamante Wheeler, a defensive tackle at Bowie. Vestal is seeing through that and is looking past those offers of schools that don't just want him.

"Yeah, teams are going after Diamante Wheeler and offering me too. They are trying to get him and getting to him through me. I want to go to a school that really wants me for me.

"I am seeing through that. They want to package the two of us and if I am not seeing the love, then I am just discarding the offers. I just need to get what everyone else is getting.

"I want those high expectations on me. I want people to see me that way. I want to make a difference when I go to a school as a player and not as the player that came with another player."

Vestal was trying to make it up to Lincoln this week. However, some plans to travel by his mother are throwing some wrenches into everything. If he makes it, it will be by himself on a long trip away from home.

"Yeah, I was supposed to be going up there this week. My mom has plans for a trip coming up and that kind of leaves me to travel up to Nebraska by myself, drive by myself and get a room and stuff."

There has been plenty of talk to Vestal about the weather at Nebraska. He knows that there is no snow on the ground now, but even if there was he likes the snow. He wants to have a visit that really makes him feel at home while he is up there.

"People tell me to be concerned about the weather, but I don't care about the weather. I like the snow and stuff. I love snow. Living in Texas, we don't see a lot of it.

"When I go up there, I want to feel wanted. I just want to have fun and connect with everyone in the program. I have felt that Nebraska really wants me."

Having an offer as a defensive player from Nebraska is a bit of an honor in itself. Nebraska is not just re-building their defense, but there are re-tooling to some extent. Vestal recognizes that the Huskers chose him to offer out of everyone and have been putting their best foot forward to get him.

"I love change and I feel like Nebraska is treating me as one of their top prospects. Out of all the people they have seen, they have chosen me.

"Not a lot of people get full-ride scholarships to these places. I am really happy that he chose me out of all of these other people.

"If I were to go there, I would love to help them make the change; I would love to be part of that change that helps them win a championship. That is all I want to do is win, win and win.

"That is all we are going to do is win. It's just destiny. That is what I want to do is win when I go to college. I want a ring when I get done with college."

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