Offers stacking up for Crosthwaite

One of the top offensive line prospects on the west coast this year is Alex Crosthwaite, an athletic 300-pounder from the San Diego area. With almost 20 offers to date, the talented offensive tackle went on the record with us to talk about his recruitment in this latest update. Do the Huskers have a shot at the gifted big man?

With offers from more than one BCS conference, Alex Crosthwaite from Cathedral Catholic high school in San Diego (CA) has a plethora of options to choose from. And sometimes it can be hard just remembering them all.

"I think I have over 15 now, but it's hard name all of them off the top of my head. I've got California, Arizona, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Washington State, Wake Forest, Minnesota and there are a few others. I've got a few more like Duke, UNLV, Colorado State and Fresno State. I know there are some others I'm forgetting.

"UCLA seems like they are close and USC acts really interested too."

And when you ask Alex why all these schools have extended offers, he says it has a lot to do with his mindset on the field.

"I play nasty and with an attitude, besides my size (6-5,303), those are my strong points. I don't care what the guy looks like across from me. He might be bigger, faster or stronger, but what can he do if he is on his back? I just do not like getting beat, and I play whistle to whistle, and sometimes a little past it," Crosthwaite said with a chuckle.

Those attributes haven't gone unnoticed by D-1 programs. And even with all those early offers, he doesn't plan to just sit back and rest on his laurels.

"I've been to a few camps already, I just left the USC offensive line camp, and I'm on the way home from it right now. My dad is driving right now and I'm just hanging out over here in the passenger seat.

"I just did the Nike camp in Oakland a couple weeks ago, and I did the UCLA camp too. I might try to take a few unofficial visits this summer, maybe go to another camp, but I have to talk things over with my parents first."

Alex said his offer from Nebraska came in the mail only a few weeks ago, but Alex already knew he was on Nebraska's radar well before that.

"I probably got the offer in the mail from Nebraska about three weeks ago. But they have been recruiting me since my sophomore year. Their area recruiter came by my school back then to get a look at Tyler Gaffney. But while he was there he saw me, and asked my coach, who is that big guy? That's how it all started.

"After that I didn't get a lot of contact from Nebraska what so ever, just maybe some mail here and there, just randomly. Then the area recruiter (Ron Brown) came back this year and picked up some film. "Couple days later I got word I had an offer, then I started getting all the letters in the mail from them saying I had an offer to play for Nebraska."

"I've had some contact with coach Cotton too. I get hand written letters from coach Cotton all the time. He is a real good guy, real down-to-earth kind of guy. He has been telling me about all the offensive line tradition at Nebraska."

Alex says he never really followed college football as a youth, but a lot of that had to do with where he grew up.

"I had no idea about college football growing up, I didn't come here (United States) until the 7th grade, and I was raised in Mexico before that. Only football I ever watched was the San Diego Chargers, because they were always on television. I never really started watching football until 8th or 9th grade."

When asked if a schools geographical location would be a factor in his decision, Alex said that will be the least of his worries.

"I am definitely open to anywhere, that's why I want to take my visits. If I find a place I like that's across the nation, so what, that's where I'm going. I'll go play ball anywhere."

What about favorites, do you have an early leader?

"I am completely wide open. I haven't even sat down with my parents yet and made a top 10 or 5 or anything. I plan to do all that later this summer. After that I want to take my five visits and get a better look at these schools. Then after all that I'll sit down with my parents and coaches and make a decision.

"These are the things on my mind right now, take all five no matter what. But if I take the first one and really fall in love with a school, then I would commit."

With that being said, do you see Nebraska as being a possible destination for one of your officials?

"Oh definitely, they have all the criteria down I'm looking for. They always send guys to the pro's from the offensive line, and you have to notice that."

And when asked to elaborate on what that aforementioned criteria was, Alex didn't beat around the bush.

"I want to play for the best offensive line coach I can find and a school with a lot of offensive line tradition. Academics are real important and so is the atmosphere. If I have all those things I can make the rest of it work, all that other stuff doesn't really matter."

As was mentioned, Alex spent much of his youth growing up in Mexico, and played soccer most of his childhood, not picking up football until his 9th grade year. He also said that all of the colleges that have offered are pursuing him as offensive tackle, but he feels he could play guard too. And he was adamant that no offer would lead to an early commitment, as he will take official visits first. Stay with Big Red Report as we follow the recruitment of Alex Crosthwaite throughout the summer.

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