Moudy has been busy

Let it be known that Mike Moudy never said that the summer is for relaxing and hanging out. While he might wish that he was doing a little more of it, he also knows when to put the work in. Moudy has been working hard to become a better player this fall and in college. He has been hitting it on three different fronts.

At 6-foot-7 and 290-pounds, Mike Moudy is an offensive lineman that already has size of most college offensive lineman. This summer has been busy for Moudy who hasn't stopped since school ended.

"I have been busy actually," Moudy said. "I have been doing football. I have been lifting since you talked to me last. Now I am in speed camp, I think that this is our second week, and I went to camp at Nebraska."

When you see an offensive lineman, the one thing that generally doesn't stand out to you is speed. It's something that Moudy is working on though along with his feet and working on his overall stability.

"I am definitely trying to be faster. My 40 time isn't really up to what my standards are and I really just wanted to work on my top speed, keep my good feet and keep a good stability going into the season."

This past week Moudy was up in Lincoln at camp. Moudy was actually in Lincoln for three days and he really wanted to work with the coaches and in particular his offensive line coach.

"I was up in Lincoln for three days. I was there for Thursday through Saturday. I really enjoyed being around all the coaches; that's why I really headed up there for the camp.

"I wanted to see how Barney Cotton coached, that sort of atmosphere, and see how he interacted with all of the players. I have things that I have need to improve on and then again I did some things well.

"The camp and working with Coach Cotton was really more of a way for me to gauge how our bond is connected with me being a future lineman. My experience only strengthened it going up there and getting some pointers and things to work on."

There were some rumors floating around that Moudy and Dillon Bonnell, both offensive linemen from Colorado with Nebraska offers, might have crossed paths. However, one thing that did happen was two Nebraska offensive line commits got a chance to work together.

"I didn't run into Dillon while I was up there, but I did run into Andrew Rodriguez who is the other kid in my class. I think that he is a great guy. His attitude and his character are what I would say fit to a guy going to Nebraska.

"I kind of got to know him over the three days that I was up there and got to work with him. He's a great lineman and he did very well with the camp. I will be very happy to play next to him."

Moudy now sits on the Nebraska commitment list and has been observing what Nebraska has been doing. Since committing himself, Moudy has see Tyler Gabbert, a heralded quarterback, commit to be part of the 2010 class.

"I am actually thinking that is a good grab for Nebraska. I have actually gone in, watched some film and done some research on it. I think that he can turn out very well at Nebraska and I actually think that they can coach him into something better than he is right now.

"When I watched his film I was actually very impressed with how he really handled everything around him. I know that he is going to start calling guys, but I haven't heard from him yet."

After the Nebraska camp, it's back to the normal grind until the gears change again for Moudy. "Not really. I am just going to stick around here and continue with speed camp. When that gets over we head right back into heavy lifting again and then comes the season."

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