Familiar last name at Nebraska camp

After the spring game in Lincoln, there was one player that was talked about over and over again. That player, Kyler Reed, was able to take a little safety valve route pass all the way to the end zone from his tight end position outrunning defenders who seemed to have an angle on him. Last week, his brother turned in an impressive performance of his own in Lincoln.

The name Dagan Reed doesn't mean anything yet to Husker fans, but it will. Dagan, the younger brother of current Husker Kyler Reed, is a running back at Overland Park (Kans.) St. Thomas Aquinas. Dagan was at Nebraska's camp last week.

"Yes, I was at camp in Lincoln last week," Reed said. "I think that I did pretty well. All of the coaches told me that I did pretty good, I think. I still have some things that I can work on also."

The word on Reed, at 5-foot-11 and 190-pounds, is that he might be able to play in the offensive or defensive backfield. While in Lincoln, he worked out solely on the offensive side of the ball.

"I worked out at running back just because that is what I play in high school. I didn't do any defense this time. I will just play running back next season and if they need me they might use me on defense later in the year."

The apple never falls too far from the tree when it comes to speed in the Reed family. Kyler has great speed as a tight end at Nebraska and Dagan had the fastest 40-time of his group at camp last week.

"It was alright. I ran a 4.5 or 4.55 on field turf. I didn't know that was actually more comparable to grass until now. I was the fastest of my group up there."

Dagan isn't unfamiliar to the Nebraska staff. He has been to Lincoln before and there is a resemblance between him and his brother.

"The coaches recognized me at the camp because they said that I looked the same as Kyler. It was nice hanging out there. I was there last year also."

It's not decided if Dagan will go to anymore camps this year. He hasn't been to any others leading up to Nebraska and until something comes up it's back to business as usual for him.

"It's up to my dad because he paid for the camp. I haven't been to any other camps this summer before Nebraska. As of right now, I am just getting back to lifting and getting stronger."

Nothing was extended to Dagan by the Nebraska staff, but a verbal offer was tossed around by the staff. A verbal offer was extended to junior Ryan Reeves of Crete (Nebr.) last week when he gave his commitment.

"We talked about a verbal offer. They thought that I was explosive and that I was a lot like Kyler. They really like Kyler up there. I am not sure what to think about getting that offer.

"I don't know what Kyler might think of that. Also, I am just going into my junior year and there is a lot of time. I am just going to take it slow, probably.

"Nebraska would be a school I would probably really consider if they offered. I like their fan base. I also like their facilities, The Hawks indoor facility and their coaches. It's close to home, but that doesn't matter a lot."

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