Huskers still No. 1?

Last time Big Red Report spoke with Louisiana defensive end prospect Walker Ashburn, Nebraska was the only program to have extended an offer to that point. Since then, several other schools have stepped up and made offers to the talented big man. Could the early offer from Nebraska lead to a possible commitment? Get the latest in this exclusive update.

It was only a matter of time until the recruitment of Walker Ashburn picked up significantly. The defensive line prospect from John Curtis high school in River Ridge (LA) has seen his offer list steadily increase over the last few weeks.

Walker, I hear your recruitment has taken off quite a bit since last we talked. Have you received any other offers since Nebraska?

"Yeah, I've got a few more offers. Now I've got Nebraska, SMU, Southern Miss, Stanford, Louisiana-Monroe, Southeastern Louisiana, McNeese State and Toledo. I got all the offers from the smaller schools in Louisiana, I just got the offer from ULM about ten minutes ago."

I know you were hoping to get up to Nebraska sometime this summer. Do you think those plans will still come to fruition?

"I'm probably going to have to hold out on coming up there this summer, even though I want to get up there real bad. I'm still trying, it just cost a lot to get up there. I still talk to coach J.P. all the time, actually I have to call him tomorrow. We do that once a week thing, were we talk to each other at least once a week.

"I want to try to save up my money so I can drive up there. But even if I can't, I'll make it up there on an official for sure."

Walker recently took a trip with his family up north to visit some other close relatives. While he was there, he made a stop by one of the local camps, which consequently led to one of his new offers.

"Right when we got out of school we headed up to Michigan to visit some of my cousins and other family. I was invited to the Toledo camp, so I went because it was only like a 20 minute drive from where we were. I guess they liked what they saw because I got the offer in the mail a few days later."

What's on the agenda for the rest of the summer, was the camp at Toledo the only one you plan on attending?

"I just got back from the trip to Michigan Sunday, so I've been just working out every day. There is another camp at LSU in July I will probably go to. I'll be heading to North Carolina to visit more family later this summer, so I'll probably stop by the Duke campus to get a look. They have been recruiting me real hard lately. One of their coaches coached at the same school as my dad, so we are pretty good friends with him. He coached in the NFL, so I want to go to the camp and see if I can learn a few new things from them."

"I have already been to another camp, the one at Louisiana-Monroe, its right down the road. Other than that I don't have any other plans."

Anybody else getting close to offering?

"I would probably say Duke and Virginia are pretty close to offering. I've been hearing a lot from Virginia lately, they are recruiting me as an outside linebacker, so that's a little different from the other schools. Duke will probably offer after I go to their camp.

"I still hear from LSU a lot. I just talked to them the other night and I've been getting a lot of mail from them still. I'm going to their camp later this summer in July with a bunch of friends of mine."

Walker said since he received his first offer from the Huskers, one member of the Nebraska staff has stayed in constant contact, letting Walker know how much he is wanted.

"I talk to coach J.P. all the time, I love that guy. When you have a good relationship with your position coach it makes everything smoother with the school. I could see myself playing for him, he always lets me know how bad Nebraska wants me. I respect him a lot."

He also has been thinking long and hard about the recruiting process, and when he might be ready to pull the trigger. Walker said the thought of committing goes through his mind almost every day.

"I've been so mixed up on what to do about my recruitment. I'm like 50/50 on it right now, should I commit or should I wait?  I wakeup some mornings and think: I'm ready to commit and get it over with so I don't have to deal with all the stress. So I can just concentrate on my final year of school.

"But all these schools recruiting me have something that stands out about them, they are all a little different. I would like to wait until I can visit the school before I commit. I've been using this time to do my research on all these schools. Like I know Nebraska needs defensive ends badly, I think coach J.P. said they only have about three guys that will be there after this year."

And if he does decide to wait on giving his commitment, look for it to come sometime around the start of his senior season.

"If I end up committing early, it will probably be the first or second week of my football season. That way I can realize what is really going on. I'll know who is really interested in me and not just waiting to see what I do my senior year. I guess some of these teams question if I'm good enough so they want to wait until they see me play this year. But in my eyes, those aren't the ones who are really interested in me."

What about Nebraska, does the early offer from the Huskers prove they already have confidence in your abilities?

"Yes, that is very true. Nebraska is still sitting high with me, real high. They were my first offer and that means a lot to me. With them being my first offer that means I'm going to look at them the hardest. That's just the way I feel about things. They were the first ones to come at me with an offer, so that shows me how much they want me. It made me feel real good to get that first offer from a school as big as Nebraska."

Walker said most schools, including Nebraska, are recruiting him at defensive end. But several schools have mentioned a move inside to defensive tackle could come, depending on his weight gain once he enters a college program. Right now, his current measurables are "6-foot-3 and a mean and lean 245". Stay with Big Red Report as the recruitment of Walker Ashburn heats up throughout the summer.

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