Martin now playing the waiting-game.

While most of the recruiting class of 2009 has made its way to the University of Nebraska, there's at least one who is still waiting to make his way to Lincoln. Linebacker Eric Martin had just one more thing to get finished before he could make the long trek west. He talked about that with us today.

Can you say "chomping at the bit?"

Linebacker Eric Martin is.

The last time we talked to him he was getting ready to take his ACT, and upon a good enough score he'd be making a B-line east to Lincoln, Nebraska.

He caught us up with how that's going as of right now.

"I took it this last week, and they say it takes like two or three weeks to get the results," he said. "So, I am hoping that by Independence Day I'll be there."

Martin said that he wasn't required to take the entire test covering all the areas, as he scored well enough in Mathematics on his SAT, it was the English and Reading which he had to improve upon this time around. To that end he thinks he did well. "Honestly, it seemed easy. I had studied a lot, and I was even invited to play in that Gridiron All-Star game, but I told them that I better just concentrate on getting ready for this, because it was more important," Martin said.

Now he waits.

To make matters worse, players he played with just this last season who are already on the campuses of their respective schools, have been calling him ribbing him a little, and perhaps trying to scare him a little about what's to come. "Oh, they call me and say stuff like how hard it is, how hot it is and all that. Or they give me a hard time about not being there right now," he said. "Some guys I went to school with who went to the University of Arizona, they just let me know how hot it is."

Martin will take that, though. While it's a fairly mile 85 degrees in California, the heat index in Lincoln is approaching triple-digits. Martin said he'll take that with no complaints. Because it will mean he's there and getting ready for the future. "I just want to get there. I know they aren't running the system and the coaches aren't involved, but every day you feel like you are falling behind," he said. "I just want to get there, get to doing the conditioning and just get ready for the year.

"Man, it's no fun not having the pads on. I'm ready to play."

We'll catch up with Eric in the next week or so to see if he has the results and if so, what they were. Stay tuned.

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