Nebraska leading for one of 2011's best?

Who would have thought that a young man in Florida already holding eight verbal offers, would be a player who Nebraska might be at the front of the line to get. That's what growing up a Husker fan will do for you. But will it be enough when those verbal offers turn into written ones, and if all the big boys across the country get into the mix? We asked junior-to-be Tyler Moore just that.

This is how it starts for the players like Seantrel Henderson, ranked the top player in the country by That's how it started for legendary prep names such as Reggie Bush, Vince Young and Adrian Peterson. Before they even got into their junior year officially, the offers started pouring in.

That's what Tyler Moore is dealing with right now.

Actually, "dealing with" is probably the wrong way to put it, as the 6-5 ½, 283 lbs. lineman hasn't experienced just yet the "real" attention he's going to get. Heck, within NCAA guidelines he's over a year away from when schools can call him once a week. But that hasn't stopped him from having eight offers (verbal) right now. "I have them from Miami (FL), Florida State, Clemson, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, USF and FIU," Moore said. "My first offer was from FIU, which came during my Spring ball."

The verbal offer.

Some might ask what it means when you can't offer a young person in writing until Sept. 1st of their junior year. What's the point of offering until then? Most of it has to do with showing a recruit just how much you want them to be part of your program. It's a foot in the door, as they say, a way of trying to beat other teams to the punch, even though you don't have anything out there in writing.

But it's safe to say that these types of offers don't get extended often, and they only go to the elite.

With eight of those types of offers already, you can call it part satisfaction for Moore, but there's also a part of him that registers just what this all could eventually mean. "I'm amazed at how fast this has all happened. I thought maybe my senior year I could get some attention or I was hoping I would. For it to happen this fast is kind of amazing," he said. "So, Right now I am loving the recruiting process. Schools looking at me and talking to me - it's awesome. But from other players I know who have been through the recruiting process; they say you get pretty sick of it after awhile."

Moore says that when it comes to Nebraska, he might be one of only three kids in his entire school who counts themselves amongst the Husker faithful. His dad went there, after all, Brian Moore playing tight end for the Huskers in the mid-80s. Then there is his cousin, Jay Moore, who started at defensive end for Nebraska from 2004 through 2006, and is now a member of the San Francisco 49ers. That's a lot of ties to the program, and yes, Moore lost count of how many times he's been up to Lincoln to visit and see some games. "I have been a Nebraska fan as long as I can think of, because my dad went there and I have other family that went there. I watch any game that I can, travel to a place I can see them on TV or go to a bowl game here and there," he said. "And when I went up there for the camp, I got a chance to talk to Coach (Barney) Cotton and Coach (Bo) Pelini a few times. I felt really welcome there, and it was just a great experience."

It would be impossible to know how many kids native to the state of Florida, actually grew up with a lot more affection for and familiarity with a program as far outside of the region as the Big Red as they did the very prominent programs in-state. You can probably say it's a safe assumption that it's very few. And when you are talking about the elite prep-players, even fewer. But Moore said that while there are numerous reasons that he could follow the line of what most expect, his desire is to make sure he knows what's out there, especially when it comes to the one major program in-state which hasn't offered just yet. "I am keeping my options open. I am enjoying the recruiting experience, and I would like to see what places like Florida has to say, because they are obviously a great program that gets a lot of exposure and wins," Moore said. "They gave my coach a call, and I think they set up a meeting with me for July 24th."

That's the process, and even though Tyler has yet to turn 17, he's getting the close to the full recruiting experience now. He enjoys it, but he said his dad isn't having a terrible time either. "My dad is having a lot of fun with it, and he wants me to have fun with it," he said. "But he also wouldn't mind me ending it and just telling everyone where I want to go."

It's hard to say exactly when that will happen. We can assume that it could be sooner rather than later. But at the same time Moore said that he'd like to experience everything a little more. "I'd like to go to a couple of games to a couple of teams, if I get invited there, especially Nebraska, and just enjoy that experience," he said. "But I'd say this will be over easily by my junior year to say where I am going, so I can just keep working hard my senior year and not worry about recruiting."

Distance obviously won't matter. Weather is a non-issue. Even offense is something Moore doesn't consider, as long as "it works." Now it's just about time, developing more as a player and seeing just what is out there on the recruiting horizon. Tyler is just taking it all in right now. "I have worked hard to where I am, but I know that everyone at the next level will be as big as I am and probably as strong. So, I need to just keep it going and not get lazy," he said. "I didn't get here by not doing the things I needed to do, so I'm just going to keep doing it and as far as recruiting, we'll just have to see how it goes."

Moore in describing what he thinks he has that has already gotten so much attention from all these schools
: "My size helps, of course, but I think I am pretty quick for a lineman. My run-blocking is pretty good, and I have pretty good feet for pass blocking. Every game I try to get at least 10 pancakes a game, and for pass-blocking, nobody is allowed to touch my quarterback.

"Being a lineman is about half physical - half mental. You are just thinking that this guy isn't going to do a thing against me, and that you are going to push him back 10 yards and finish him on the ground. It helps to be strong and quick, but yeah, you have to get nasty and hit someone."

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