Memorable moment in NU history

Tim Griffin of ESPN is counting down what he believes are some of the most significant moments in the still-brief history of the Big Twelve, and there is one moment on this which may make some Husker fans see red.

Ochs' tackle of Crouch is Big 12's No. 16 moment

That's how ESPN writer Tim Griffin led off as he continues his own countdown of what he believes are some of the most memorable moments in Big Twelve history.

This is Nebraska's second appearance on this list, the Huskers coming in at 18th, Griffin recounting the epic finish over Colorado last year, where So. Kicker Alex Henery launched a 57-yard field goal for the lead over the Buffaloes late in the fourth quarter. And Jr. DT Ndamukong Suh got an interception which he took back for a touchdown, sealing the home-win, 40-31.

But the Huskers' second appearance, this time at No. 16, is a game which was almost literally defined by a moment, and it was a personal foul. Well, let's be more accurate about this: A personal foul that wasn't called.

For me, it remains to this day one of the worst non-calls I can remember, and in any sport. At 3:12 of the following video, you can see it for yourself:

This shouldn't take away from the significance of the moment for Kansas State. After all, they hadn't beaten Nebraska in Manhattan since 1959. And they hadn't beaten Nebraska at all since 1968. They came into this game ranked in the top five, while Nebraska, sitting on two losses, was not quite the national-title team from the previous year. In addition, this was Crouch's third start of his Husker career.

Led by Michael Bishop, whose arm was as gargantuan as his feet were quick, led K. State all the way to the Big 12 Championship Game. But they were unable to capitalize on that momentum from the Husker game, first losing in the championship game to , 36-33. Then, in the Alamo Bowl with K. State still ranked fourth in the country, they lost their second game in a row, this one to then unranked

I would agree with Griffin that this is definitely one of the most memorable moments in the history of the conference. With that said, it's still one of the worst non-calls I have ever seen, which may have totally changed that game.

There were some other moments, though, some good for Nebraska and others, not so much, which could yet make this list.

Nebraska losing to Texas Tech, 70-10, is probably there. Yeah, sorry Husker fans. But Mike Stuntz to Eric Crouch for the touchdown and win over Oklahoma? One would think that's going to be there, too. What about the 97-yard touchdown run by Eric Crouch against Missouri during that same season?

15 spots left, and I am quite sure we haven't seen the last of the Big Red.

The rest of his list thus far:

The countdown:

17. Kingsbury and Long hook up in a passing duel for the ages.
18. Henery and Suh
make Colorado blue.
19. Stunning OSU rally leads to Stoops' first home loss.
20. It's never over for Texas Tech
until it's over.
21. Reesing to Meier.
Again and again.
22. A
Texas-sized comeback -- Texas over Oklahoma State in 2004.
23. A Border War
unlike any of the rest -- Missouri over Kansas in 2007.
24. Seneca Wallace's
wild TD run vs. Texas Tech in 2001.
25. Baylor's "
So Much for Taking a Knee
" against UNLV in 1999.

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