Package deal?

The words "package deal" seem to pop up with more frequency every year. A pair of defensive lineman seem to have that same idea in mind to go to the same school and play by each other for four or five more years. One of them is Donovan Vestal, an athletic defensive end, and the other is Diamonte Wheeler. Wheeler says Nebraska is a school that he and Vestal are considering.

Diamonte Wheeler got his chance last season to step up. An injury allowed the 6-foot-2 and 260-pound Wheeler from Arlington (Texas) Bowie to step up and the offers have been flowing in so far for this disruptive defensive tackle.

"I have picked up a few new offers lately," Wheeler said. "I got one from Minnesota and some others are Texas Tech, UTEP and Arkansas.

"I think that I am right at 10 offers. I also have Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Houston and Arizona."

Wheeler is versatile. He can play both the one and the three at Martin, but might feel a little more at home at the three. The college coaches have been mostly taking to him about staying at the three as well.

"I play both the one and the three. I feel good playing both in our defense. Most times I am at the three though in our defense.

"Most coaches are telling me that they like me at either the one or the three, but still prefer me as the three. A little more active."

What Wheeler does well on the field goes way beyond size, speed or strength. The defense as a whole really responds to his presence and seem to come together when he is on the field.

"I think that I set the tone for the defense when I am on the field. When I set the tone, everyone gets hyped. They all get motivated to win.

"I like to be a little more active along the defensive line and play on the other side of the line of scrimmage. I am disruptive."

Wheeler wasn't sure what his stats were last year. He was behind a senior that got hurt and was able to make an impact as a junior.

"I am not sure what my honors were last year, but I don't think that I got any honors. It was my first time being on varsity. I played behind a senior last year."

Bowie High School has two highly recruited defensive lineman; the other being Donovan Vestal. Vestal and Wheeler are close and are talking about going to the same school as one another.

"Donovan and I have talked about going to the same school. We would really like to. We are so cool with one another, like brothers. We need to find the best fit."

One school that has offered both, and seems to have them both interested, is Nebraska. The Huskers actually hosted Vestal in the last month or so, but Wheeler wasn't able to make that trip.

"Nebraska is a school that we have talked about a lot together. I wasn't able to make it up there with Donovan the week that he went because we had a family problem.

"Nebraska is definitely a school that we have in consideration. I know that Nebraska is a top place to play. Everyone treats everyone like family.

"I also know that their fans are outrageous. Coach Tim Beck has told me that they are losing their top defensive tackle and need to fill his spot."

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