The Big Red after a "biggun" in Missouri

Nebraska has already mined Missouri for two commits for this class thus far. And they are looking for more. Offensive lineman Joe Burgess is one of the few "bigguns" they have offered out of the Show Me State, and Burgess is hoping to make it up to Lincoln for a visit before Fall camp begins.

At 6-6 and close to 300 lbs., Joe Burgess is almost typical, you might say. It wasn't that long ago and 6-6 would have you immediately projected as a tackle and nothing else. But the days have changed where that size doesn't always mean you are going to be blocking outside.

That's where Burgess is now, though, protecting the blindside of his quarterback from the left spot, which suits him just fine. "I think that hits my strengths, because I think I have good feet, and I am pretty quick off the snap," he said. "There's always room to improve everything, but I am pretty confident when it comes to pass blocking."

Burgess said that the run-blocking aspect is where he needs to improve the most, but don't think that he's just looking for a "Spread" offense to work in during his collegiate career. Like his McClure North team in Florrisant, Missouri, he's looking for a little balance. "I'd like to go whatever projects better in the future, and that's usually an offense that has a little balance to it, between the run and the pass," he said. "I'm open to anything, really, because I don't want to rule a single option out."

Those options consist of two teams right now, Nebraska and Vanderbilt having extended him offers. The letters he gets are from a number of teams, which includes most of the Big Twelve.

But Burgess is going with what he knows, and he is hoping to visit both schools before his off-season concludes. "I am going to be going up to Vanderbilt in a couple of weeks, and I am hoping I can visit Nebraska by early August," Burgess said. "If I can't make it to Nebraska by then, it will be at some point during my season. But I am definitely going to visit both before even thinking about making any type of decision."

That decision also doesn't take into account other schools getting into the mix, which Burgess said he's obviously up for if it happens. But right now he's going with the two, and what he knows about each. "I know Vanderbilt had a good season and they have a strong academic program. And as for Nebraska, I know they have a really, really strong tradition," he said. "I am kind of looking for the best of both worlds between academics and athletics, good facilities and just a place I can grow over the next few years."

If Burgess can't make the trip to Lincoln, though, he'll have at least one Husker connection which will be coming to him, so to speak. And that's junior husker offensive lineman Keith Williams, who went to the same school as Burgess and is slated to start this year. Joe figures he'll be as good of a source as any to get the inside on the Big Red. "I talk to him every now and then, and I know he's coming down here this Summer. When he does he's always in here lifting weights," he said. "I am sure I will talk to him a lot while he's down there and just see what I can learn."

Burgess is one of seven players in Missouri that we know to have Nebraska offers for the class of 2010. Of those seven, four are committed, two of them to the Huskers. Of the three remaining, one is another lineman in Nick Demien and the other is wide receiver Marcus Lucas.

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