One big hurdle down, two smaller ones to go

One big hurdle down, a couple smaller ones to go, linebacker Eric Martin is close to making his way to Lincoln. But it was all good news today as the linebacker got a text from the Husker coaches that when it came to the ACT which he recently took, he just made the grade.

There's usually not much during the course of a class that can make a student smile. But Eric Martin was all smiles today. As he continues Summer school and his attempts to get finally qualified to play football at the next level, he got a welcome surprise.

It was in the form of a text, which had this hopeful Husker smiling ear-to-ear.

"I was waiting for my ACT results, but I had it set up so that they would to straight to the coaches at Nebraska. And they just sent me a text that told me I had gotten the score I needed," Martin said.

A 69, actually. He needed a 68 or better.

Yeah, someone is relieved.

"I just felt like a big weight was off my shoulders. It felt like this was almost done," he said.

Almost meaning that the class Eric is in now (English 4) will finish tomorrow, and he simply has to do well enough on the final to maintain the "A"  he has as of right now. Immediately following that it's right into "English 5", where Martin says he has to maintain at least a "B".

But that ACT was the big one, Martin said, and now it's time to buckle down for the last remaining couple of weeks so that he can continue to plan for his trip into Lincoln. "My second class will get done the Thursday after Independence Day, and I am hoping to be on a flight there that Friday," he said. "But I feel great right now. It's been a little longer road than I thought, but it's almost done. I can't wait to get there."

Martin joins Chris Williams as the only two linebackers for the class of 2010. Williams is expected to redshirt his first year as he's not expected to be one hundred percent following the rehab of a devastating knee-injury suffered last season.

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