New team in the picture for Carter

I talked to Louisiana DB/WR recruit Curtis Carter from North Desoto high school earlier today. I mentioned to you guys a couple weeks ago in the Blog that Curtis had added a few new offers (Missouri and TCU) to his one from Nebraska, along with most of the smaller schools in Louisiana. Well Curtis told me today a SEC power has now entered the picture.

"I got another offer since last we spoke. Coach Davis from Alabama came by the school awhile back, he told my coach that they were real interested. They asked for me to send them some tape so we did, then we talked, I think it was the next day, and he said coach Saban said we need this kid. So a few days later I got the offer, I think they want me as an athlete."

"What's weird is I didn't even go to camp there and I was supposed to. Something came up and I couldn't go, so I wasn't sure if they were really interested anymore."

Curtis said he has plans to hit one last camp then take the rest of the summer off.

"I'm going to the Ultimate 100 in Dallas this weeked, then that's it for me on camps. They have us run the 40, shuttle, broad jump and some ono-on-one drills. I entered it as a WR, so I'm looking forward to running routes and learning some new things."

Are you still hearing a lot from Nebraska?

"Oh yeah, I email back and forth with coach J.P. like every other day. We make sure to stay in close contact."

We have you listed with high interest in Nebraska, does this new offer change that?

"No, like I tell people that call me Nebraska is still my number #1, I'm sorry but that's just the way it is. You know everythig is still up in the air, but Nebraska is looking real good right now."

Has NU said what position they see you at yet, or is it still just as an athlete?

"Caoch J.P. told me the other day they like me at WR, and that's what I want to play. I'd like to be that slot guy and make some plays. Maybe return some kicks too."

I expect more offers to come in after Curtis puts up solid numbers at the camp in Dallas this weekend. But coach Papuchis has done a nice job recruiting Curtis, so NU is still in a very good position.

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