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Eleanor Roosevelt high school star Harold Mobley has a few unofficial visits on the horizon, and he gave Bid Red Report the scoop on where some of those places will be. Find out if one of those upcoming destinations is Nebraska in this latest update.

Last time we spoke with Harold Mobley from Corona (CA.), he was finishing out the last few days of his junior year. Now that summer is getting into full swing, he is enjoying his break from school.

"It feels good to get a rest from going to school to be honest," laughed Mobley. "I'm just hanging out with my little sister today, we are on the way home right now.

"But everybody out here is acting crazy because of this Michael Jackson stuff. Everybody is having a mixed response though, some people are acting like they are really devastated, and some people are making jokes about it. You've got it all out here."

"I'm trying not to worry with all that and focus on these schools recruiting me, and see what I like about them."

In our last interview you said you didn't know if you were going to take some unofficial visits this summer or just wait and take officials during the year. Have you and your uncle Mark decided on that yet?

"Yeah, I know I'll be coming to Nebraska. My uncle said just the other day it will be in the middle of July, we are definitely going. He hasn't told me the exact date yet, but I know we are going. We want to get out there and see everything, and then I'll go back out there for an official too.

"I think my uncle said we'll be visiting Nebraska, Oregon and Colorado this summer. I think the Nebraska one will be first."

With offers on the table from Nebraska, Colorado, UNLV and Nevada, don't be surprised to see that offer list increase in the near future.

"I still hear a lot from all the schools that have offered. But I think Oregon, Fresno State and Arizona are getting real close to offering too. Some other schools in the Pac 10 are interested, but those seem closes to offering right now."

What about the Nebraska staff, have they been keeping in touch with you?

"I just got another letter from coach Brown, it was a handwritten one. I email with coach J.P a lot too, usually throughout the week. Coach J.P. has started recruiting me, we talk all the time. I was hearing mostly from coach Brown, but now coach Papuchis and I talk a lot.

"And I talked to Carl Pelini one night on the phone, he talked to me and my uncle. Coach Pelini is a real good guy. He wanted to make sure that I was coming out on a visit, he really wants me to see the school. Nebraska is still all the way at the top."

How do you plan to stay occupied until your visits start up, are you training anywhere?

"I can't right now, I'm just coming off a tweaked hamstring. I messed it up but it's starting to feel better now, I can run on it again, but I'm going to take it easy and let it rest.

"At the end of track season I strained it, and then I was training for football, running a fade route, and boom it happened. My coach told me he wants me to rest it because if you don't treat it right it could linger for a long time.

Harold said the Nebraska staff hadn't rendered a verdict yet on his possible position, but more in-depth talks will occur on his visit to Lincoln. As always, Big Red Report will check back in with Harold when he finalizes his visit plans and bring you the itinerary. Harold said "sometime by next weekend we should have the visit dates set", so stay tuned.

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