Camp-trek continues for Suntrup

It's too early to talk about recruiting when a young man is only going into his junior year? Not anymore. As we have seen schools are offering these kids younger and younger every season. For Missouri prep quarterback Christian Suntrup, he's already got a verbal offer from the Huskers after attending one of their camps. He was just at a Stanford camp as well. He talked about how it went.

As you read in our first story about Missouri prep QB Christian Suntrup, the fact that he's yet to become officially a junior rests high in his mind when it comes to recruiting. Over two years to go, so many schools showing interest – it's more important to him to keep it all in perspective than it is to get caught up in the hoopla that is recruiting nowadays.

However, now is as good a time as any to check some of these schools out, and yes, to get recruiting rolling along for the future.

Suntrup has already been to camps at Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska. His most recent visit to Nebraska netted him a verbal offer after he impressed during their 2009 QB Academy. That was his first verbal, but while he's trying to get his name out there a bit and show coaches what he can do, he wasn't then and isn't now looking at these trips as opportunities to get more offers on the table. "I just wanted to get my name out there, but I also wanted to learn a bit more, because there are a lot of great coaches at these camps and you can learn so much from them," Suntrup said.

The most recent visit was to Stanford as he camped up there as well. And Suntrup said the experience was worth the trip. "I had a lot of fun there, and I learned a lot at the camp. Coach Harbaugh is a really energetic and passionate guy," he said of the second-year Stanford Head Coach and former NFL Quarterback Jim Harbaugh. "He obviously knows a lot about the position, and it was a great experience just learning a little of what he head to teach."

The camp was also an opportunity to check out the campus, one which Suntrup said that Stanford claims is the second largest University campus in the world. That along with the typical weather of that area, impressed him along with other things. "The weather was perfect. You couldn't ask for better weather. And the facilities and everything were great," he said. "It was definitely worth the trip, because I got to learn a lot about them, get to know the coaches some and just get a better feel for the place. It was a great experience."

Suntrup did say that Coach Harbaugh congratulated him on the effort and applauded him on his overall performance at the camp. So, it's likely Suntrup will be hearing a lot more from The Cardinal down the road.

But it's back to the tour, and now Suntrup finds himself at a team event down in South Bend, Indiana as he will participate for the second time in the 7-on-7 on the campus of the Fighting Irish. "I was down here my freshman year, and we actually made it to the semifinals, so it's definitely unfinished business for us," he said. "If you make it to the finals you actually get to play inside the stadium. All the other contests are on one of their practice fields."

That is, of course, a big part of it as Suntrup has always maintained that he's never going to lose focus on his team, especially considering the fact that recruiting for him is still so young. But he wouldn't mind making a good impression here, too. "It's the same as the other places. I just want to do my best and just see where that goes. But more than anything I'd like to come out of this with the win in the finals. That would be the best."

I know we have to ask the obligatory question in regard to leaders, even though it's pretty obvious what the answer will be. But yeah, we have to ask. "All I am doing right now is going to these camps, doing the best I can and whatever happens, I am just putting it in the back of my mind for the future," he said. "There are a lot of reasons to do these, and one of them is to learn as much as I can so I can better help my team.

"It's all about us as a team and getting better. The recruiting is something I know I can just take in and learn as I go along."


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