Five more unofficial visits to go

Offensive lineman Dan Koenig has been biding his time a bit in the recruiting process, seeing how things will play out. But since he would like to make a decision before the Summer concludes, he's now getting down to it and planning some visits over the next month. Did Nebraska make the cut as to one place he'd check out?

With close to 30 offers Cape Coral, Florida offensive lineman Dan Koenig almost has his choice of where he'd like to go to college. But with his ideal decision-time taking place before the Summer is over, there's not much time to narrow down this list to a realistic group.

That's what he's been doing, take unofficial visits to other schools, and now he's got five final unofficial trips he wants to make. "I am going to Nebraska, Missouri, Clemson, Auburn and then Oklahoma State," he said. "Clemson and Auburn, we are going to take a weekend drive. That will be just a day. At the end of July we'll trip up to Nebraska, Missouri and then Oklahoma State. "

Oklahoma State has long been considered the favorite for Koenig, His older brother, David, played there through the 2007 season. That may or may not be an inspiration for taking these trips, especially to schools he hasn't seen before. But Koenig himself said that he wants to let these schools know he's serious. "The visits are really important, because I kind of want to make a decision at the end of Summer, but I haven't been to Nebraska and Missouri, and I want to check them out and to make sure that they know I am really interested in them," he said.

With all the offers the question has to be asked as to just how narrow this list has become, and if there are more that needed to be added to the list. "No, those are my favorites," he replied.

When it comes to Nebraska, the communication has been sparse since the offer, but Koenig said more because he hasn't called the Huskers, nor has he communicated a lot with any of the other programs. But before heading up to Lincoln Koenig said he will probably do just that, and as for what keeps Nebraska in the picture, he said it was simple. "They have a great tradition of offensive linemen there getting to the next level. They have just had a lot of great ones come out of there," he said.

Stay tuned to Big Red Report as we keep you up to date on Koenig's recruiting, and, of course, keep track of him as he makes this long trek to see his final list of teams.

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