Decision date set for Beachum

The date has been set. That's what all-everything Jatashun Beachum says. Or at least, that's what he hopes. It's the date he plans to make his decision. With approaching 30 offers you can imagine there are quite a few interested in just when that will be and who will get him. Well, add us to the group of curious parties.

Hard to believe that someone weighing 265 pounds is being recruited to play any position from defensive tackle to quarterback. Yes, I said quarterback. But that's what Dallas, TX prep-star Jatashun Beachum can claim.

But he has said before and reiterated today that position is kind of unimportant, because this kid just likes to play. "Hey, I believe that whatever I play I know I am going to be good at it, and I know I am going to have fun playing it," he said. "So, put me wherever, I don't care. I'll do whatever any coach needs me to do."

With his kind of athleticism that boasts 4.60 speed on that 6-2 frame, he's got plenty of coaches willing to do just that. And the most recent to throw their hat in officially with an offer are Florida State, Tennessee, Kansas State, Minnesota and Texas A&M.

But Beachum is already narrowing down his list.

As you might expect Jatashun has already unofficially visited all the relevant teams in-state, including TCU, the Aggies and Baylor. He's also added trips to see Oklahoma State and the Sooners. But Beachum said that while he hasn't made concrete dates for this next set of trips, he knows they are coming. "I am going up to check out Oregon, and then I am going to check out Kansas and then Kansas State, because it's in the same state," he said. "Then I am going to head to see Florida and Miami."

The last time he talked to Scout Florida was a big team for him, and Beachum said that, that is basically true right now. But he's learned something in the last month and a half, and that they are all great until you can compare them to the others. "I remember visiting Oklahoma, and I am telling you, I was ready to pull the trigger right there.  But people said that I should hold off and see what else is out there, because all those trips were going to feel like that," he said. "So, I am going to take all these visits and then see, because I know when I want to make my decision."

The date is a little ironic, if you think about it. The first day kids are allowed to start taking official visits also happens to be the date he's pinpointed as the date he'll make a decision. "September first. That's when I want to decide. So, I need to get out to these schools so I can compare and then make up my mind," he said.

While many give Florida the advantage right now as it is a place he hasn't seen, Beachum said that you shouldn't rule out the one to the northwest either. "I don't think people realize how much I like them. I am really liking them right now," he said of the Ducks who are recruiting him to play running back, while Florida is recruiting him to play defensive tackle. "We'll have to see, but it's a good place and I can't wait to check it out for myself."

As for Nebraska, well, with this many offers Beachum was going to have to narrow down his list, and in the process of doing that figure out where his trips would go. And Lincoln wouldn't be one of those places. "Nope, Nebraska is off," he said.

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