Package deal?

Nebraska made an offer several weeks ago to safety prospect Derrick Malone, from Colton high school in Colton (CA.). Around that same time, his teammate cornerback Jonathan Mack, also received an offer from the Huskers. Jonathan recently went on the record with Big Red Report to talk about his recruitment, and how he and Derrick could end up playing together on the college level too.

Jonathan Mack, a 5-foot-10 and 175 pound cornerback, would be considered a raw prospect in the eyes of people that follow recruiting. While most high school players grow up playing the sport of football, Jonathan has just started to get his feet wet.

"I have been playing football with my friends for a long time, like in the backyard or the streets. But I just started playing organized football with pads this last year. My junior year was the first time I've really played.

"I played other sports like basketball and I ran track. Last year was my first year playing basketball, and I started running track my sophomore year. I'll probably run the 4x1, the 4x4 and the 200 meter this year, that will be it I think. My best time in the 200 is just under 23 seconds.

"I came close to playing football a couple times when I was younger, but it just never worked out. But now that I am playing it, I wish I would have started a long time ago. And my senior year I will play all three sports."

Even though he's only been playing football about a year now, he still plays a big role for his Colton squad.

"I play mostly defense, but some of the coaches want me to play more on offense. Last year I played a lot at running back too. But since it was my first year the coaches thought I might have a little too much on my plate.

"This year they know I'll be ready, so I'm looking forward to going both ways all year. I play corner on defense and sometimes a little a safety and I'll be playing a lot of running back this year, and maybe some special teams.

"All the schools recruiting me have said they want me at corner."

Who has offered you to this point?

"I have the one from Nebraska and one from UNLV. I get mail from a lot of schools saying they might be offering soon, but those are the only two I have. Since I haven't been playing that long, some schools want to wait and see what I do my senior year."

Out on the gridiron, Jonathan says there are a few things that make him unique.

"I play with a lot of aggression, and I always try to make a play on the ball. I will also come up and make that big hit that nobody else wants to make, my coaches like that part of my game. I can cover really good too; I stick on my man tight. My speed is good, I'm always around a 4.5 in the 40."

Jonathan then went into detail about the interest from Nebraska, and how the offer came about.

"They came up to our practice, I saw the coach while he was there but we couldn't talk to him. Then after practice my coaches told me that Nebraska was really interested in me. My coach said they took some film back with them. Couple weeks later I talked with coach Carl Pelini and he said that Nebraska wanted to offer me a scholarship.

"I told him thank you, and I really was happy about the offer. It was my first one so that means a lot. I don't know much about the school right now, but I plan to start looking into them hard to see what Nebraska is all about."

Even with the early attention coming from several schools, Jonathan plans to wait things out before making a commitment.

"I need to wait and take officials before I even think about making a choice. I can't pick a school without seeing it first, that just wouldn't be smart. I'll take a few visits during the season then decide, I don't think I will need to take all of them, but who knows."

Will location be a factor with which school you pick?

"Not at all, it really doesn't matter to me. If I need to go somewhere far away, then that is what I will do. When I find the right fit, I'll pick that school, no matter where it is."

If location has no bearing on your decision, what are the things you are looking for in a program?

"I want to play in front of a good fan base, a school with a lot of history. I need good academics, I don't want to be somewhere for four or five years and not get my degree. I'd like to feel at home, like a place I would go even if I wasn't playing football."

What about your teammate Derrick Malone? He also has an offer from Nebraska, is playing together in college something you guys talk about?

"Yeah, we talk about it all the time. We've been talking about it a lot lately, so I could definitely see it happening. I think we will end up at the same college to be honest. I know he likes what he has heard from Nebraska so far."

Jonathan's oldest brother, Chris Ramirez, plays running back at UCLA, but Jonathan said that won't affect his decision if the Bruins were to offer. Jonathan also said he didn't know a lot about the Husker program, but stated he plans to do research this summer on all the schools recruiting him, in order to decide where to take his official visits.

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