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It looks like Nebraska is looking to bring in as many as two linebackers this year and one of the prospects that the Huskers have had their eyes on a lot is Victor Burnett. Burnett, a complete package at the linebacker position, could play inside or outside in college, but is playing mostly inside now. What are the Huskers chances looking like for Burnett?

Victor Burnett has been putting his time in already this summer. No time off for one of the top linebackers in the nation. The 6-foot-0 and 225-pound linebacker from Culver City (Calif.) has had some late days this off-season.

"I just got back from practice," Burnett said. "I know that it's late, like after 8:00, but we are working hard right now. We are working really hard."

Culver City is looking to take another step forward this year. Burnett said that they made a deep run this year, but wants to go deeper in the playoffs this year.

"We made it pretty far last year. We pretty much bring back everyone from last year except a couple of seniors. We expect to go deeper into the playoffs this year."

For Burnett, there are always things to work on. Last season though, Burnett had 182 tackles, 17 for loss, 10 sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.

Burnett was also named First Team All-Ocean League for the second year and was First Team All-CIF. He also set the school single-season tackle record.

"I have been working on a lot of things. I ran track this year so I was working on speed during track. Right now, I am working on my man to man to guard the slot receivers.

"I am also working on becoming a more versatile linebacker. I am working to know all three linebacker spots in our defense so I could play any of them if needed."

Burnett can play inside or outside at the next level. At Culver City he is asked to play the inside spot for the most part.

"I am playing mostly inside linebacker right now. I think that I am a downhill player as well as a sideline to sideline player. I am also a smart player."

Burnett is holding offers from all over the nation. He already knows that out of those offers that there are a few schools that he isn't going to consider, but he is going to continue to do his homework on all schools.

"I am up to 13 offers. I don't have a top five or anything like that. The smaller schools I know that I am not going to go there like UNLV, San Jose State and San Diego State.

"I am not really interested in going to those schools out of all my offers. But, all the PAC 10, SEC, Big 12 and Mountain West schools are still being considered.

"I haven't really had a chance to think about them at all and I want to do my own research. Every recruiter is going to tell you just the good things about their school and I need to research the possible negatives."

There are at least two schools that have Burnett interested enough to say that he will visit them. Beyond that though, he isn't interested in naming names so he can keep all of his options open.

"Two schools that I am for sure going to take visits to are Oklahoma and Tennessee. Those are two schools that are big programs and have a history of good defenses.

"I am not sure who I will take the other trips to. I don't want to say that one school will get a trip and then get another offer and I don't take a visit to that school."

The Huskers have been in pursuit of Burnett for a long time. Burnett even mentioned that Nebraska was one of the first schools to send Burnett mail as a junior.

"Actually Nebraska is one of the first schools to really start recruiting me. I think that they have been recruiting me pretty heavy and I am taking them pretty serious too.

"The head coach at Nebraska is a defensive guy. He coached LSU when they won the National Championship. I would love to play for a head coach with a defensive mindset.

"Nebraska is also a big program and a competitor in the Big 12. I see their program as being on the rise and I think that they have a lot of tradition."

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