Nebraska claims top spot with Wray

With a solid start to their '10 recruiting class, Nebraska looks to add a few more pieces to the puzzle. One player high on the Huskers list is East Saint Louis standout Detchauz Wray. The playmaker recently spoke with Big Red Report, find out why the Huskers have the early lead.

Finding all-purpose type players that can play multiple positions is something all good programs try to do. One player with such talents is Detchauz Wray, who currently plays quarterback for East St. Louis high school, located in East St. Louis (Ill.).

And for his efforts on the gridiron, several BCS schools have stepped up with offers to the 6-foot, and 180 pound speedster.

"I've been offered by five schools. Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, Arizona and Kansas all offered me a scholarship. I like all the schools, but right now I have one that is in the lead."

And who would that be?

"Nebraska," said Wray without hesitation. "I'm starting to really feel them. They are my number one school right now, no doubt. I really like their coaches so far, they seem like really respectable men. They have shown a lot of interest in me, like I know they want me to come to their school. I'm really strong about Nebraska right now.

"They care about me as a student athlete, not just a football player. They really like the abilities I have, and they just show a lot of interest in me, I just like that."

And this isn't some newfound interest, Nebraska has been involved with Detchauz's recruitment for quite some time.

"Nebraska has been recruiting me since right before my junior season ended, they were there from the start really. I got the offer in the mail right after my last game.

"I know my coach sent them my film, and the next day they decided to give me a full ride. I talked to coach Gilmore on the phone and he said look for the offer in the mail. I got it a few days later."

Talk about what position these programs are recruiting you for. Aren't you strictly a quarterback on the high school level, how will that influence your decision?

"Yeah, I just play quarterback right now in high school. I could play several positions, but my coach needs me at quarterback, so that's where I play. We run a multiple offense, I'm in the spread, we run the option, and I go under center.

"Most of the schools are recruiting me at quarterback. Illinois said they need somebody soon because Juice Williams will be leaving. Colorado wants me at QB too, they haven't said anything about me playing a different spot. It's up in the air with Arizona, they say I could play a couple spots.

"Nebraska said they think I could play quarterback, but I could also line up anywhere on the field. I'd like to get a shot at QB, but I will move to another position if that doesn't work out. I think I have the skills to be a good wide receiver or corner too. I like contact, so defense wouldn't be a problem."

I take it distance from home wont be much of a factor in your recruitment, but what will?

"I'm willing to get the experience of something new. I don't mind leaving home for school at all, being honest, I want to leave here for school. It won't hurt to see something new.

"The main thing I'm looking for is good academics, I want a school with a good Business Management program, and I know Nebraska is real strong there. The environment around the school is important, I want to be around people that are cool and get along with each other, players and coaches.

"I'd like to live in an area where there's not a lot of trouble to get into, so I can focus on school. If I have all that, I'm cool with where I'm at."

As a junior at quarterback, he passed for over 2,500 yards and 38 touchdowns, with only 5 interceptions. Wray also reports track times of 10.7 in the 100 meter, and 21.7 in the 200 meter. He said he didn't have a favorite college team growing up, because "I like watching the NFL, never really watched too much college football". Wray also said he has no timeframe for a commitment, as "it could come at any time", so stay tuned.

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