Big-timer for 2011 interested in the Big Red

The news for the class of 2011 continues to roll, and it seems like there are some offensive linemen who are already establishing themselves amongst the elite and at any position. The latest superstar to be is Christian Westerman, a young man who just scored a verbal offer from USC. Where's Nebraska even at this early point? We asked to find out.

Not very long ago we profiled an offensive lineman out of Florida, Tyler Moore, the son of former Husker Brian Moore along with being the cousin of recent former Husker Jay Moore. Already Moore is holding eight verbal offers from schools like Miami, Florida State and, of course, Nebraska.

Well, not to be outdone there's another offensive lineman, this one out of Chandler , Arizona, who has some offers of his own. Tyler Moore seems to be getting the brunt of the attention for offensive bigguns on the east side, but closer to the west coast 6-5, 285 lbs. Christian Westerman isn't doing so bad himself.

"Right now he has verbals from Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, Washington, Cal, Stanford and he just got one from USC," said Westerman's father, Chris Sr.

The most recent verbal from the Trojans came as a result of USC's ever-popular "Rising Stars" camp. Amongst just a few of the featured names that Westerman would face were Jackson Jeffcoat, the No. 2 ranked defensive end in the country and Ronald Powell, the No. 7 ranked defensive end in the country. His dad might be considered a little biased, as all dads should be, but he said that even with that he was Impressed. "He was dominating. He was going against guys like Jeffcoat andPowell and he just dominated," he said. "After that they brought us up to the offices and offered him right there, and they said that he was the best offensive lineman they have had at any of their prior camps and they just said ‘We want you to be a Trojan.'"

That's high praise, and that doesn't even include the outstanding performance at the four-day camp in Austin, which Chris Sr. said went as well as they could have hoped. "I know Christian loved it, and I know they loved him. But they work things a little differently down there as far as offering kids and when they offer," he said. "But I know they liked him, so we'll just see how that goes."

Right now if you are a Husker fan you are thinking that already the Huskers are on the outside looking in. Heck, this kid isn't even a junior yet, not even 17-years old and he's already got offers from some monster programs, including the Trojans.

But it is early, and the elder Westerman said that Nebraska is one of a few schools he's interested in to see what the Huskers do. "We are very interested in Nebraska. They are a program that just has huge tradition, a great history of football and I think they are really the total package in terms of football, school, tradition and the NFL prospects they have had come through there.

"It's just a first-class program, but as of right now we just haven't heard much from them."

Hard to believe, isn't it?

Football is one of those sports where it seemed that things did stick to the status quo in regard to when kids got noticed. They would go into their junior year with interest, but it was usually September first when the offers would actually come. Now schools are verbally offering months in advance, some well over a year. That means everyone else has to catch up. So, when a prospect like Westerman comes along, the first sophomore to ever start on the offensive line for Hamilton HS, the 5A Division 1 state camp three out of the last five years, even recruiting juggernauts like USC feel the need to get on them as early as they can.

But for programs like Nebraska, which are trying to make their way back to the status of the elite, players like Westerman could be key, especially when everything begins and ends with your lines. It obviously won't hurt Westerman's recruiting if Nebraska isn't in there right now, because hell no doubt be one of the most recruited offensive linemen in the country next year. But Chris Sr. said that they would like to throw Nebraska in that mix as one of the schools looking the hardest at his son. "It's just a good program, and I think Bo Pelini, the Head Coach there, he has it going the right direction," he said. "Texas and Oklahoma have kind of ruled that conference for awhile now, but I think Nebraska is coming back to where they are going to be making a little noise, too."

You can figure that right now there are no clear favorites, that being the one team that stands out in front. With so many verbal  offers already, recruiting may be hot for this Arizona prep star, but it's bound to get near sizzling down the road.

That's why Chris Jr. is done with camps, done with unofficial visits and now he's taking it easy before his Fall Camp begins, and his team tries for back-to-back state titles. After all, when it comes to recruiting there are still two seasons to go. "Chris is with his grandparents right now, and he's just taking it easy, doing a little fishing and just getting rested up," Chris sr. said. "He's worked very hard over the last few months.

"But look at what he's done, it's really paying off for him and the scary thing is he's only going to get better. It's just fun watching him play."

Good thing too, because we have two more years to do just that.

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