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With so many football camps going on around the country, sometimes it can be difficult just deciding which one to attend. Banning high school standout Derron Smith just competed in a camp out on the west coast. He gave us the rundown on his performance, and where his recruitment stands at this point. Find out the latest in this update with Big Red Report.

When we last spoke with Derron Smith, from Banning (CA), he had plans to hit one of the camps being held by a school out in the great northwest. Now with that camp in the rear view mirror, Derron says it's time to enjoy the summer.

"I just came back from Washington, I went to their camp last weekend. We left to head there last Friday morning, and the camp started on that day too. Me, my mom and my dad flew up there together.

"It wasn't real crowded but there was a good amount of kids there. They put me at corner pretty much the whole time I was there. I was fine with that because that's where most schools are recruiting me at and I like getting work at that position.

"I'm kind of ready to just chill now though, and have a little fun for the rest of the summer."

How do you think you did at he camp, did you put up a solid performance?

"I think I had a good camp, that's what the coaches told me. We did a lot of footwork drills, like back peddling, then some 7-on-7, and we did some team work too. All the coaches said they thought I did a great job.

"On the first day I had two interceptions during the 7-on-7, they said they like the way I break on the ball and my lateral movements were real tight. We ran the 40 too, but they didn't give us our times. I felt like I was as fast as any kid there."

What's on the agenda for the rest of the summer, any more camps on the horizon?

"I think I'm done for the summer. I think I need to start concentrating on my high school team and keeping my body in shape. We start our summer workouts this Monday, so I'll be hitting the weights a lot.

"We also have our hell week coming up in August, I need to be in shape for that. Then we have a passing league set up and our first tournament is this next weekend. I will be playing mostly quarterback and safety during that."

I hear you picked up another offer since our last conversation, you think anybody else is getting close?

"New Mexico State offered me a couple weeks ago. And I've been hearing a lot lately from Iowa State, Idaho, San Jose State and few more of the smaller schools.

"I also hear a lot from Washington, and UCLA has started to recruit me a little bit. Some other schools in the Pac 10 are sending me letters saying they are getting close, but who knows."

You just showed out at the Washington camp, you think the Huskies will offer soon?

"The defensive back coach said he really likes me, but he had to leave early the second day of the camp. He didn't get to see me much on day two, so they decided to hold off on an offer I guess. They said they would get back to me in the next week or two."

Has anything changed with Nebraska, are they still at the top of your list?

"Oh yeah, I'm still real high on Nebraska. I get letters from them a lot, all the time really. I hear from other schools too, but I get a lot of mail from Nebraska.

"I've recently gotten letters from coach Carl Pelini and head coach Bo Pelini. Some letters come from both of them and some are from them individually. I'll probably give them a call in a few days to see how everything is going.

"I know they want me to come on an official visit out there this fall, and I'm really looking forward to it. Nebraska will probably be my first visit."

Derron said he has put on a "solid six or seven pounds" this summer without losing any speed, and now weighs in at 173 pounds. Big Red Report will continue to track the recruitment of Derron Smith, and bring you the latest information as we get it.

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