Date finally set for Martin.....and a friend

You could say that the situation for linebacker Eric Martin has been just academic, so to speak. But he's never really had a concrete date set as to exactly when he's heading to Lincoln. Now he does, so all he has is one more thing and he's on his way…and with a friend.

As we updated you previously with Husker linebacker Eric Martin, he's had to polish off a couple of classes before he could finally make his way to Lincoln. He's now in the middle of "English 4", a class which he describes as "easy."

So, for him it's no longer a matter of "if", but when.

And the Husker Head Coach told him when he'd like that to be.

"Coach Pelini asked me to come in on the 24th. My class ends on the 17th, and he just wants me to get here as early as possible so I can get situated, get to know the team and all that," Martin said.

While Eric isn't packing as of yet, he's already figuring in his plans as to what he's taking with him along the way. One particular thing, which isn't a thing at all, will have to make the trip separate from him. "I'm probably going to have to Fed Ex "Stretch" to wherever I'm at. I doubt they would let me take him on the plane," Martin said of his five-foot Ball Python.

Martin is an animal lover, you see. But he'll only be able to take the snake with him while he'll be leaving behind a small zoo's worth of other animals behind which includes one Poodle, two Chihuahuas, three Pit Bulls, four cats, a number of rats, a Bull Mastiff which Martin says stands over six-feet on his hind legs, some fish and a Tarantula named "George."

Not that you are ever likely to venture by the Martin household, there are some things you might want to know before meeting the extended family:

One of the Chihuahuas (Noodles) has a crush on one of the Pit Bulls (Sasha). So, don't venture too close, because as Martin says "She has a thing for her, and she gets mad at anyone who gets close to her."

The Bull Mastiff actually has a spot on its eye just like the dog from Little Rascals, prompting them to name him "Petey", of course.

The Tarantula has a bit of a mean streak, according to Martin, and he says that while you see other people actually handle the large spiders, letting them crawl up their arms and the like, that won't be happening with George. "That ain't happening, no way. He isn't crawling up nothing of mine," Martin said with a laugh.

And then there are the rats, which aren't pets so much as they are potential food for the aforementioned reptile. But the process of picking out which ones will be dinner is a little odder than you might assume. "Well, I stick my finger down there, and if one of them tries to bit me, he's getting fed to Stretch. But if one doesn't, we just keep them as pets," he said. "The snake only eats about once every couple of weeks, and these rats just multiply. So, we got lots of rats – like two cages full."

When asked about the distinct possibility that Martin's future roommate, whomever that might be, might not be as taken with a five-foot animal in the house as he is, he said he better get used to it. "It's not like he's mean or he's going to eat you. I take him out, let him hang around my neck and all that," he said. "He's really gentle. I wouldn't have a snake if I thought he was going to try and take a bite out of me."

Martin is excited about the idea of moving to Lincoln. He said that it's about time. But when it comes to Stretch and transporting him down to Lincoln, Martin said that he wouldn't mind having a little fun. "I think I will call Coach Ekeler and just tell him to expect a package, but I won't tell him what it is," Martin said jokingly. "We'll see what he thinks when he opens the box."

Then Martin realized he might not have a snake for much longer if he did that.

"It'd be funny though. I'd want to see the look on his face," Martin continued.

But that's what he's doing right now, a little cleaning, a little class and a within all that a lot of anticipation for the future. But good old Stretch will be part of it.

We might have to interview the snake when he arrives.

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