NU ties enough?

It seems that Nebraska is still looking for one more cornerback in their 2010 class. But that isn't what Damian Payne is interested in. He's interested in the numbers that are already there at Nebraska and the last time he had a chance to see the depth chart at Nebraska wasn't appealing. Can Nebraska get another shot at Payne?

At 6-foot-0 and 187-pounds, Damian Payne is being looked at to play a number of positions. He can play either cornerback or safety in the secondary and wide receiver on offense. Right now, he is on the West Coast seeing family.

"The summer is going pretty good," Payne said. "I am out in California visiting my brother at Cal. My brother is Kendrick Payne and I have talked to the coaches, but nothing about an offer yet."

Payne, from Houston (Texas) Klein Forest, might like the chance to play college ball with his big brother. However, he wouldn't just go there to Cal because of his brother. He is also looking at another trip when he gets home.

"It would be pretty cool to pick up an offer and to get that opportunity, but I wouldn't just come here because of my big brother. It's a great school here, no doubt.

"I haven't been anywhere else except to Kansas and that's it. I think that when I get back to Houston that I will probably take a trip to see Houston, but that's about it."

Payne is looking at four key areas when it comes to picking out a school. "I am looking at the environment, the depth chart, the coaches and the academics."

There are almost 20 offers on the table for Payne and he said that there six schools that really standout right now. Four of those schools have offered him already.

"I have 19 offers. I would say Missouri, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, Miami, Ohio State and Illinois are some of my favorites. I am waiting on offers from Miami and Ohio State."

There is a school in the Big 12 that Payne has a connection with. Payne's step-father was actually a letter-winner for the Huskers back in 1991.

"I have a connection to Nebraska. My step-father played for Nebraska in the early 90's. His name is Jerry Irons and he played nose guard for them.

"I have a Nebraska offer and he has told me that it's a good program. He has actually taken me up there for a game before when I was younger and I liked the atmosphere.

"It's a great school and it would be a great school to graduate from and play for. They are always going to be competing in the Big 12."

While Nebraska wasn't mentioned in Payne's top six right now, it's not too late. However, he would like to get a better understanding of how he fits given Nebraska's current depth chart.

"It's not too late for Nebraska. What I have been doing is looking at their depth chart and it doesn't really look like they need any corners.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to any of the coaches about how I fit in or how the depth chart might change. I just looked at what was online."

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