Looking for a home

Texas always puts out athletes. Year after year hundreds of recruits from the Lone Star state head out, away from their home state, and attend colleges across the nation. Titus is, but just one of those athletes. The question becomes exactly how far from home will he be going.

Titus Brothers-Converse, TX (Judson HS)- (CB-5'11-188-4.3/40) Having his list of favorites narrowed down to three: Nebraska, TCU, and Arkansas, Titus has yet to name a leader. He's very relaxed about the entire thing "I don't have a favorite school right now. I'm just going to see how things play out. When I know, I'll know. I would expect within two weeks I'll have some idea on where I want to play." So visits become the key to winning over this defensive back.

"I visited TCU this past weekend. I had a really good time. I got along with the coaches and players" But he didn't want to call TCU his favorite, which is odd. Most players after taking their first visit will usually call that school their favorite. They have nothing to compare it too, so it naturally becomes number one. Not so with Titus, if TCU is his favorite he hid it well.

This upcoming weekend Titus will visit Nebraska. "I'm looking forward to it. They have a great tradition." The only school on his favorites list who may not get a visit will be Arkansas "We're trying to set that up, but it's going to be tight. I don't want to drag this out all the way until February. If we can work it out I'll visit, hopefully they'll call later this week and we can get it settled."

Titus was aware of the coaching changes that took place in Lincoln today and was hesitant to call it a good thing "They look like good coaches. But, no one is going to know how the players are going to respond to these coaches. Is there chemistry, will there be any problems? No one knows yet." A very interesting thought from a very interesting young man.

When I ask Titus about what he was looking for in a college his answer was plain and simple"Atmosphere." He wants the entire package. Now the question becomes who can make Titus feel at home?

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