Donald Defrand, better late than never

The ideal time for a junior college athlete to sign has come and gone. That's not a huge deal though as it may be ideal, but it's certainly not mandatory as a new date is to come. Some of the best JUCO athletes have yet to make their pledges and Donald Defrand is one of them. But, as you will see, he's definitely getting close.

Donald Defrand -(Dodge City, JUCO)- (CB-6'2-180-4.25/40) The early signing date for JUCO athletes has come and gone, but Defrand was unable to sign because of one class "I didn't pass it, not many did" So he will have to wait until February to sign his letter of intent along with most other recruits. Where Donald may differ from the other recruits is that he already knows where he wants to play "I'm going to sign with Nebraska."

If only things were that easy.

After Donald's trip to Nebraska he took trips to Kansas State and TCU, both were enjoyable according to Donald, but Nebraska was still the place he wanted to be. Now this upcoming weekend Donald will be taking an official out to Tennessee "I'm just going out there to see what they have, but I'm still signing with Nebraska." Perhaps the trip is because Donald's roommate, Reynaldo Hill, has narrowed down his choices to Tennessee and Florida. The two close friends had been considered a package deal for quite awhile now. "No, were going to go our separate ways on this, I think."

Donald did seem it little out of the "loop" about current coaching changes up at Nebraska. And when I explained Sanders would be the new secondary coach he did seem a little surprised. As we continued talking about Marvin Sanders, Donald was very impressed at Sanders credentials and was happy that he turned down a chance to coach at the NFL level. "That's big, that says a lot about the coach. If he could make it in the NFL he has to be good."

So Nebraska would seemingly have another commit for the class of 2003, but Donald has yet to call head coach Frank Solich and let him know about it, could this future trip to Tennessee be the reason? We'll just have to wait and see.

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