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It means a lot to get that first offer. More than that, to Curtis Carter, it was what was really known about him. Carter, even to himself, would have called himself a bit of an unknown commodity or even a sleeper. Still, Nebraska pulled the trigger on an offer when Carter wasn't very popular and has stayed in touch with him the whole way.

At 5-foot-10.5 and 171-pounds, Curtis Carter is a sparkplug. The two-sport star from Stonewall (La.) North Desoto is playing one of those sports this summer, preparing for the other while still working a regular job.

"I am just finishing up a baseball game," Carter said. "I play centerfield. I play legion ball and balancing my time between baseball, workouts and working is crazy.

"I work everyday, play baseball on just about every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then, I also have football workouts on every Tuesday and Thursday. It's hard, but it's alright.

"It's what I do. I get up around 6:00 in the morning and I get to bed around 11:30 every night and then get up and do it all over the next day."

Baseball isn't a hobby or something that Carter is just doing now. It's a serious deal that he would also like to pursue in college as well as playing football.

"Heck yeah, I love playing baseball. I am getting recruited to play both baseball and football in college. I love playing both sports."

Improving at the game of football is something that Carter wanted to do during workouts. But, he isn't working on the technical side of the game. He really wanted to improve himself in the weight room.

"Mainly it wasn't the things on the field. I wanted to get bigger and stronger. I also wanted to work on my change of direction a little more. I have gotten so much better with that.

"Those were the main things, but change of direction was the main thing and keeping that same speed when you are turning left or right. That is what we have been really working hard on."

There are a lot of misconceptions about Carter and which position he is being recruited to play. A lot of people think its defense and it's not. Then you hear that he lines up a lot at quarterback and running back and it's neither one of those positions either.

"I play quarterback and running back now. A lot of people are saying that I am getting recruited as a cornerback and that is so wrong. I am getting recruited as a slot receiver.

"I don't know how that happened. I only played DB a few times is all. Every camp I have been to the coaches always have me working out as a slot receiver."

As a receiver Carter brings to a team what every college coach wants and that's speed. You either have speed on your team or you are chasing it.

"It's just my speed. I haven't been playing receiver that long, but I can run my routes pretty well. Every combine that I have been to, there hasn't been anyone that can keep up with me yet.

"The offense we run is the Wing-T. They flank me out, I come in motion, they toss me the ball and I get to do sweeps. I do a lot of routes like flies and outs. They try to get me on a linebacker a lot."

Carter is sitting on about eight offers total with six of those offers coming from DI schools. Out of those eight offers, he has two of those teams in his top three with the third being a home-state school.

"I don't want to lie, but I really don't know for sure. I think that it's six DI offers and a couple of DII schools. Nebraska, Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State and TCU have all offered me.

"Nebraska is my #1 and Alabama is my #2 and LSU, even though they haven't offered, is my #3 school. Right now Nebraska is my #1 because they were really the first school to offer me."

The Nebraska offer to Carter is significant. It's almost a leap of faith that Nebraska had in Carter because as Carter will tell you, he wasn't well known. He wasn't a player that a lot of people were talking about either. That didn't matter to Nebraska.

"They offered me when I didn't have a star rating at all. I would say that I was a real big sleeper, a big-time sleeper in the state, and then they offered me. They had that confidence in me.

"They saw me as a big-time player. Coach John Papuchis and I stay in touch big time. We email each other everyday. We talk on the phone a couple of times a week.

"We are getting that coach-player relationship. I have talked to other coaches at Nebraska. I have talked to Bo Pelini and the rest of the coaching staff. They are showing that love and I know that they want me there."

Another thing that Carter really likes about Nebraska and their staff is their background. Three of the Nebraska coaches were on the LSU staff in 2007 when they won the National Title. He knows that they can really relate to him and know where he comes from.

"That means a lot that they came from LSU and that they know about the type of talent that the state of Louisiana has to offer. They are just coming back to the state to recruit the players here that can help his team."

Carter was preparing for his first unofficial visit that he was about to take in two weeks, but it seems that might have changed. At the last second, Carter has received an invite that he just can't turn down.

"I haven't taken any trips yet. I was trying to get up to Lincoln on July 31st, they invited some recruits there, and I just got invited to another combine. It's an Ultimate 100 Combine Camp and it's in Oklahoma.

"That combine is around the same time that I was supposed to be going to Nebraska. So, I don't know how we are going to be able to do that now. That threw a wrench in my whole deal because I am going to that camp."

While the visit to Nebraska might have to wait it's only going to have to wait for a month or so. Carter knows where he is going first when he can take an official visit.

"I want to see them. I want to see one or two of their games. I can't commit to them without seeing them first. I want to see it. I have heard great things about their fan base. I have heard that it's wild.

"They love their Nebraska football and that is another thing that I like about Nebraska. When the official visits come up, that is the first one that I am taking. I am not playing around; I really want to check them out."

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