Texas lineman will officially visit NU

At 6-3 and around 260 pounds Klein Forest (Houston, TX) lineman Zach Bolton looks at the future, because he knows he's going to have to change physically to be effective at the next level. But schools are convinced. So much so he's staring at 14 offers and counting. Nebraska is just one of the schools after this kid whose upside is huge.

30 pounds.

That's what some coaches from the collegiate level have told Zach Bolton he'll have to put on to work effective on the offensive line, the position it would seem most are recruiting him to play. That's a lot, and any player might wonder and even worry about the kind of athleticism they will have when throwing on more weight than they have ever had.

Bolton wouldn't say that he's not completely oblivious to the possible effects, but he likes the foundation of his success enough that it would be an adjustment that he could make. "I'm explosive off the line and I am quicker than most of the defensive linemen I face. That's playing guard and tackle," he said. "I like coming off the ball and getting into the other guy right away before he even knows what to do."

He doesn't have to convince those colleges. The offers keep on coming, now well into double-digits, his most recent coming from Wake Forest.

Nebraska was a school on him well before that, and while Bolton says that he doesn't know a lot about the Huskers and the state itself, what he knows is more than enough to warrant a lot of interest. "I heard it's cold there. But I know they win a lot of games up there, too," he said. "It's a big program, and I know they see me as someone that could play both sides of the ball."

That's been the interesting dilemma for Bolton. He knows he's a lineman, but one thing he hasn't gotten completely figured out from the fast range of schools which include the Huskers along with Missouri, Kansas and Iowa State, amongst others, is just where he's looked to play. "Yeah, it's one thing I am trying to get figured out, because some offered me and said I would play offensive line. Then they came back and said I could play on defense," Bolton said. "I really don't care what side it is, because I think I can play both. I'd just kind of like to know."

That's what visits are for, sometimes. That gives you a good chance to look at the school, the coaches at that school a good chance to look at you, and then everyone can figure out what's the goal for the future. Thus far Bolton has just seen Kansas. But once the season arrives he'll be adding to that list. "I know I will officially visit Missouri, Nebraska and Wake. And I am figuring out where the other two will go," he said. "It will give me a chance to see what they have and maybe see them in a game."

Even with the number of offers he has Bolton isn't shy about saying that his list of favorites consists of those he's already mentioned above. He's not too caught up in the attention, and he's not one of these kids who is waiting around for that one certain offer to come.

You know which one.

As a young man in the Longhorn-state, most outside the state and probably inside it, feel that all Texas has to do is offer and that's where most of these kids will go. There are a couple of reasons why Bolton says that doesn't apply to him. "I'm looking for the best situation for me, and just because Texas is good it doesn't mean it's the best for me," he said. "And they are just loaded every year. I am confident in what I can do, but I'd like to know I have an opportunity to get on the field before I'm a junior or something."

With that said Bolton said he wouldn't mind not playing his first year, because he knows that if he's going to put on all that weight, to do it right, it won't come overnight. "That's a lot of weight. You can't put that on quick. So, if I am going to be as big as I need to be to do my job, that's probably going to take some time," he said.

While his potential size might lend himself to playing center, Bolton says there's only one thing holding him back from doing that, though, he said he would. "I'm probably going to have to learn how to snap," he said with a laugh.

Zach is trying to iron things out quickly into his season even though he doesn't necessarily want to decide on where he's going right away. He just wants a better feel for all those schools, what they do and how the chemistry is between the coaches, the players and the fans.

"That's the only way you really know about schools. You have to see them for yourself. It wouldn't be very smart to commit to a place you haven't seen."

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