Nebraska could get official from Oklahoma CB

As the offers have grown for cornerback Tre'Vante Porter, so too has the process when it comes to trying to narrow things down. But it's gone well so far for Porter, to the point that he's even thinking about his official visits. Could Nebraska make that list?

6-0 corners aren't the rarity they once were, but it's still not to say that they are coming out of the woodwork. There's still a problem finding a robust number of that size of athlete who has the versatility, flexibility and physicality to play the position.

Since his junior year where he totaled 96 tackles, 4 interceptions, and 1 sack at around 170 pounds, Tre'Vante Porter has added another 15. But he's trying to do it the right way. "I work on my hip work drills and explosive drills while I am putting on the weight. That way as I build up, I keep that explosiveness," Porter said. "I know coaches have said that they could see me play at around 205 pounds, so it's important to work on those things so I don't lose it."

With eight offers right now there is obviously not much more Porter has to prove to a number of schools, Tre'Vante saying that Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Texas Tech, Arizona, Louisville and Vanderbilt have all offered in writing. But there is something each of these schools has to prove to him, because he looks at a few things that you don't often see as part of the criteria for many prep athletes when looking at potential colleges. "I want there to be a good student-to-teacher ratio. I don't want to be in a class with like 400 kids. I'll be learning more about myself than I would what I am supposed to be studying," he said. "And I am interested in what the involvement is in the program from its Alumni. I'm not guaranteed to play at the next level, but I want to know I have a good shot at getting a job."

Call that straight up pragmatism on his part. And one might find it surprising with a young man who has his kind of physical upside. He's not only a standout football player, but with a reported 4.4-flat 40, he's one of the key members of Carl Albert High's (Oklahoma City, OK) 4x100 and 4x200 relay teams.

To the recruiting, Porter said that he hasn't really had a chance to narrow his list. As of right now he is going with what he knows. And the schools he knows a bit more about than the others are Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. "I looked into Tech, and I saw that their graduation rate is very high. So, that is something I really like," he said. "And with Oklahoma State, when I was getting a tour of all they are doing, they showed me a blueprint of some of the stuff they still have to build. That was really impressive, and I enjoyed seeing that a lot."

When it comes to the Huskers Porter said that he doesn't know as much about them, but says that what he does know is the obvious. "Well, it's a big time program. They aren't where they used to be, but it sounds like they are doing better," he said. "That's one school that I need to learn more about."

Enter: The official visit

For most every single person out there, taking a dozen unofficial visits simply isn't realistic. The logical strategy is to drive to see whatever is practical, and then for schools you are really interested in that you haven't seen, they might make for good candidates for the paid visits after the start of the season. That's where Nebraska comes in, along with Arizona and Vanderbilt. Those are three Porter said he would consider officially visiting right now.

But that's not necessarily his list of favorites.

Porter said that he would like to have a very open list right now, but of those schools showing him the most interest, that's probably where his interest is going to go. And there is still a lot of time to figure out who amongst this group of offers is a contender and who are the pretenders. "I'm not in a real rush to make the decision, and it's going to depend on my season just when I will take my official visits," he said. "But I am trying to learn more about these other schools. I'm familiar with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. So, they are two teams I am comfortable with. I have to see if I get that from some others. But that's just going to take some time."

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