Lance Broadus, one more visit to go

Touted as one of the "elite", he's coveted from coast to coast. And, with this process nearly at an end, Lance is that much closer to deciding just who benefits from his services for possibly the next four years. It all boils down to one last visit, one last opportunity to see something different. It's a last visit that all those he's looking at are looking back at with definite interest.

Lance Broadus - (Woodland Hill, CA (Taft HS))-(LB-6'1-220-4.45/40) Being one of the top linebackers in all the nation, Broadus has narrowed his list down to three schools. Two have had visits and the third will be coming this weekend.

Nebraska had asked Broadus to reschedule his visit from last weekend(Jan 10th) to this one(Jan 17th) because students were still not on campus. Broadus agreed, but had a small problem. He had already scheduled a visit for the 17th. Arizona had been scheduled well in advance, but now Nebraska was asking him to cancel it. When I asked Lance about this he said "Nebraska is in my top 3 schools, Arizona isn't. So that makes it kind of easy to decide. I'll be going to Nebraska for my final official this weekend."

Lance could not reschedule the Arizona trip for the following weekend because he is scheduled to take the SAT again on the 24th. Which is one of the major reasons Nebraska is in his top three "They've supported me through all of this stuff (his grades) It says a lot about them as people. Marvin Sanders was here tonight to talk to my mom about my grades. It just shows how important it is to them that I get this taken care of." Lance was not at home when Sanders had his in house visit.

Along with Nebraska both Oregon and San Diego State make up Broadus's top three. "Oregon is my favorite right now, but I haven't visited Nebraska. So nothing is official when it comes to favorites really."

When I asked what Lance thought about coach Sanders taking over his recruiting he had nothing but positive things to say "The guy could be a coach in the NFL right now, but he told my mom Nebraska was a like a second home to him and that's why he's at Nebraska coaching." Along with Pelini "Coach Pelini coached NFL linebackers for I don't know how long, but he knows what it takes to make a NFL linebacker, he could see me practice and tell me what I need to do better to play in the NFL."

That is Lance's ultimate goal, the NFL. He knows grades are very important along with school, but the prize for Lance may be at the end of his college career.

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