Up in Nebraska, again

This wasn't your typical unofficial visit. No. Instead, this was a behind the scenes access tour like few has ever seen. That is unless you are this recruit. This recruit has strong, family ties to the program in Lincoln and was up last week to spend some time with a family member who works for Nebraska.

JaMichael Rozier knows about Nebraska. His father, Mike Rozier, is a Heisman Trophy winner at Nebraska. JaMichael has been up to Nebraska a time or two including camp last year. He was in Lincoln again last week.

"I was up in Lincoln last week," Rozier said. "My uncle, Guy Rozier, works for Nebraska. That is my dad's brother.

"I don't know what his title is exactly anymore, but he is in fundraising and helps raise money for the different sports programs at Nebraska."

The time up at Nebraska wasn't much of chance to see Nebraska again like you would on an unofficial visit. Instead, Rozier probably saw some things and places that aren't on the regularly scheduled tours.

"When I get a chance to go up there and see my uncle, it's another chance to see Nebraska, but I wouldn't call it an unofficial visit.

"I didn't get a chance to meet anyone I haven't met before. I went to work with him a couple of times up at school."

It wasn't because Rozier didn't want to see any of the staff at Nebraska. The staff at Nebraska wasn't in the office a lot when he was around and when he was able to slip down to the offices there wasn't anyone around.

"A lot of the coaches weren't there. I can't remember what they were out doing, but a lot of them were gone.

"I did get a chance to look at the facilities again. There weren't a lot of people around when I was up there."

Rozier is coming off of a season that ended in injury. A broken leg very near the knee cut his junior year short allowing him to only rush for 500 yards and four scores. Rozier says that he is back to full-speed now.

"My knee is good. I would say that I am back to 100%. I just want to stay healthy this year and then rush for at least 1,000 yards."

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