Welter to visit Nebraska

The junior day at Nebraska on the last day in July is shaping up to be a good one. Jacob Welter confirmed to Big Red Report last night that he will be in attendance. Jacob is a standout offensive lineman at Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista and just earned MVP at Cal's camp for the offensive line.

Jacob Welter isn't an average, ordinary 16-year old. Few 16-year olds are 6-foot-4 and 280-pounds. Welter is. More than that, Welter is a standout offensive lineman in one of the top conferences in California at Danville (Calif.) Monte Vista.

Welter isn't a name uncommon to playing offensive line. In fact, to most Husker fans, the last name of Welter should ring a bell. Tom Welter, Jacob's father, was an all-district and academic all-American at Nebraska in the mid-80s.

"Jacob is visiting Nebraska on July 31st," Mr. Welter said. "He'll be heading to Lincoln with his mother that week, I don't think that I will be able to go, but he will be heading there with his mom"

Monte Vista is in one of the more difficult conferences in the state of California. While Monte Vista should be a very good team this year, one of the teams that is in their conference and is known as a pipeline to division one football is De La Salle.

It's not uncommon for players to not get a chance to start because of the players in front of them until they are juniors or seniors. However, Welter was asked at a young age for that conference to be a performer right away.

Husker fans might have known about Welter even sooner than next week had the Nebraska team camp not been cancelled. Welter was scheduled to attend that camp in Lincoln this summer.

"He was going to their team camp at Nebraska and it got cancelled. We were stuck a little bit. When it did, we scrambled and put him over at the Cal camp.

"He did very well at the camp there at Cal; so well that he was named the offensive MVP of that camp."

A father's comments are typically partial to a son. However, being a former college and professional offensive lineman, Tom Welter has that chance to be critical as well as compare himself to his son.

"He's just a great ball player. I tell my wife and I tell my brothers that he's (Jacob) is a better ball player as a sophomore in high school than I was a sophomore in college. I truly believe that."

If you talk to Tom a little more, he will tell you that he is a fan of Jacob playing tackle. However, he will also tell you that there is just something about Jacob at the guard position.

You will have to go out and look it up, but there is film from Jacob from the camp at Cal on YouTube. Let's just say that Jacob doesn't lose the battle of leverage very often and likes to finish on his blocks.

More than that though is that sometimes when you have a player that's just been bigger than the competition their whole life, they can sometimes just get away with leaning on their opponents. Not Jacob.

Jacob shows tremendous technique. A knee bender, Jacob is just as impressive in pass blocking as he is in run-blocking.

While many might think with the return of a lot of familiar faces to Tom Welter back in Lincoln that it means a lot for his son to consider Nebraska. Mr. Welter will tell you what it meant to be a player at Nebraska in the mid-80s, but also to be the father of a division one football recruit.

"I was a freshman back in 1982 and finished up in 1986. I was all-Big 8 and academic all-American. It was great; I was there when the Scoring Explosion was there. They were racking up the score to 60 and 70 points and I played a lot as a freshman.

"I got a chance to block for Tom Rathman while I was there and I got a chance to play for the most legendary coach in college football history, so I was very fortunate. That being said, Jacob is his own man.

"I really appreciate that fact that Jacob is doing his thing. For me to see that he is so interested in the program in Lincoln means a lot to me as a father. He has seen a lot of football in that stadium. He understands the tradition."

Jacob does understand the tradition, but what he would like to get know a little better are the new faces that are in Lincoln on the coaching staff. Also, Welter would like to see the new facilities.

"I am really looking forward to meeting the coaches and seeing a lot of the behind the scenes," Jacob Welter said. "I would also like to see the new weight room that they put in, but most of all getting to know the coaches."

The visit to Nebraska for Welter is obviously not his first. It is his first though with this new staff and the new facilities. That is really what he hopes to get out of this trip next week.

"I have been out to Nebraska number of times, but this is the first that I have really had a chance to meet the new coaches that are there and see the new facilities."

Dad admitted that Jacob is his own man and that this will be his process. However, Jacob realizes the perspective of being the son of a football player and also the bigger picture of a father that played at Nebraska.

"It's amazing. Not that many people get that opportunity to play college football and not only get the chance to play where your dad played and at the same position. It's a special thing. I am just blessed to have this opportunity."

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