Catching up with Aaron Green

There's no off-season anymore. We say that, but it's so obvious anymore that kids going into their senior who are legit scholarship candidates, haven't taken a real break since who knows when. Well, try being someone like Aaron Green, already sitting on verbal offers from the elite of the elite. Yeah, no off-season even when you haven't started your junior year.

When Aaron Green gets a chance to relax, he'll take it.

Between the unofficial visits and camps, the family trips and combines, Green doesn't really have a feeling of what relaxing really is. He's not even into his junior year and already he's sporting verbal offers from schools like USC, Oklahoma, Nebraska and around five others, from what Green could recall.

He's seen the Nebraska campus, of course. From his visits to see the Spring Game this year to moving his brother (Andrew) up in early June, he has a lot of familiarity with the Big Red. He's even gotten a chance to see what dorm life is like for first-year players. "It's small. It's really, really small," Green said of the size of the dorm room that his older brother will be staying in his first year with the program.

Green's recent experiences have been a camp at Texas, an unofficial visit to USC and, of course, that moving-trip to Nebraska. At the end of this month Green will be going to Florida, but not to visit the Gators. He'll be attending another camp, his last one of the off-season.

He'll take that little break, and from the time that camp ends, which Green recalled was at the very end of July, to the beginning of football camp which he said started on the 10th of August, he'll try to go into a coma between the two. "Yeah, it would be nice. I'm just trying to chill when I get a chance," he said. "But I have been working out with my trainer, just trying to get bigger, faster and stronger. So, there really aren't many breaks."

You'd think Green would be numb already, not even into his junior year and recruiting has already been beating on his door like it was the day before signing day. But there's still a little anticipation about the next phase, that being Septemeber 1st, when the written offers can finally arrive.

Up to this point the only way a school can offer him is verbally. But come the first of September all that will change. And chances are, his mailbox might have to be changed out for just one big mail bag, as that's probably a decent estimate as to just how much mail he'll be receiving when that time arrives.

For Green, he's curious to see if that actually does happen. "Yeah, I am. I mean, I have a pretty good feel for who is interested from who I have talked to and who has talked to me. But I guess when you get the actual offer that kind of says it right there," he said. "I don't really know what to expect. I am interested to see how all that goes."

After that, though, he wouldn't mind putting recruiting on an official backburner, even though he's enjoyed the process to an extent. Because as he put it, the only way to make sure he stays in the light is to never just assume that you are the next best thing. "Yeah, no matter what you know or what you can do, you can always get better. And I am not even close to where I think I could be," he said. "When it comes to running the ball, making crisp cuts on my routes or whatever, there's no way you are ever going to be perfect.

"You have to always try and get better or you won't. That's just kind of how it is."

There has been a lot of excitement on the part of Husker fans for the end of this month. As the days close on what will be the last "Junior Days" for the Huskers this year, the list of names keeps on growing. Check out this thread on the Red Zone to keep up to date with that. But Green won't be one of them as the camp down in Florida conflicts with that last preseason recruiting opportunity for the Husker coaches.

It's OK, though. Green has plenty of time to be recruited by everyone down the road. That's why he looks at everyone as potential, and that's it. "All these schools got a lot going for them. There's no one place that can stand out and say that they have it all," he said. "It just takes time to get to know the coaches, the programs and everything else. But I got that. I got lots of time."

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