Wants to stay closer to home

It's something that comes into play, but it's usually down the list of things that a recruit is looking for in a school. The location card seems to be trump when it comes to Pat Faulk, a very special athlete from Kerens (Texas). Faulk is holding onto five or six offers, but is really only considering the three offers that keep him in the state of Texas right now.

It's hot in Texas and high school teams are still working out, but in the mornings for the most part. Pat Faulk and Kerens (Texas) are working out three days a week.

"We are working out in the mornings," Faulk said. "We are working out together as a group on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. That's just the team, no coaches."

Faulk is a quarterback for Kerens and said that he really wanted to improve on a few things at that position. Being patient and accuracy were big for him this summer.

"I wanted to work on staying in the pocket a little more. I am also working on the precision of my passing. More than that, I am trying to hit the right target on time."

At 5-foot-11 and 180-pounds, Faulk's position in college likely isn't playing quarterback. Faulk is being recruited to play a position he hasn't played since his freshman year.

"College coaches are talking to me about playing slot receiver, mainly. I am excited about playing that position in college. I played slot receiver as a freshman on varsity.

"I liked it. I am quick and I catch the ball well. I go North with it and can make plays. Like quarterback and breaking the pocket, get the ball in my hands and I will make plays."

Faulk is holding onto a handful of offers at the moment. All of the schools except for one like Faulk as a slot receiver at the next level.

"I have five or six offers. I have offers from SMU, Nebraska, Sam Houston State, TCU, Houston and Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech likes me as an option quarterback."

While Faulk will say that academics and the program come first, those really only matter if the school is in the state of Texas first. He would really like to stay in-state.

"First is academics and then if they have a good program in football. I want to get my education first and then football second. I want to stay in Texas to go to school too."

Nebraska is looking for some smaller, more athletic wide receivers to open things up a bit. Faulk hasn't told Nebraska that he isn't interested in leaving the state and is also favoring three schools from in-state.

"I don't know who the coach is that's recruiting me from there. I haven't talked to them in a really long time. I haven't told them about staying close to home or anything.

"I have been writing them back and everything. If I had to go to Nebraska, I would, and I can't just say that I wouldn't go there. But, SMU, Sam Houston and Houston are leading for me."

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