Winding down to one

This close to signing day, almost all recruits have but one, maybe two visits to go. For players like Thomas that find themselves ranked amongst the top ten in the country at their positions, it's almost the end of a tunnel filled with phone calls, interviews, photo requests and just about anything else you can throw at a high school kid. These kids though, they got some tolerance though, holding out this long, but for Joe, it's all just part of the game.

Joe Thomas - OL - 6-8, 270, 4.78/40 - Brookfield, WI.(Central) - Joe has taken this process and strung it out, almost all the way to the end. Actually, Joe plans on stringing it out right up to that point or as he stated, "maybe a couple of days before". This obviously referring to signing day and oh, how so many people want to know where this pancaking machine will be inking his signature on the dotted line.

"I've got one visit left." Joe stated. That's got to be a relief, but the problem is, he hasn't scheduled it yet and isn't quite sure as to where the visit will go. "It's probably between Stanford and Georgia Tech."

You might say that Joe isn't quite sure of what he is going to do, but expect him to have this visit done by the 24th. "Hopefully, by the end of next week, I will have a clearer idea." Joe said referring to narrowing his list.

And, since you asked, his list goes as follows, of course, in no particular order. Stanford, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin and Miami. That's a lot of narrowing Joe is going to have to do in such a short amount of time.

To the obligatory question, does Joe have a leader? "There's a lot of good schools out there, but I don't have any one team really picked out right now."

Again, Joe said that this could go all the way to signing day, but as that is just a few weeks away, nobody is waiting long for his decision.

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