Bobby's Grades, Nebraska vs. Texas A&M

Check out Bobby's latest grades as he runs down the heartbreaker against the Aggies as Nebraska drops this one, 53-52

Huskers vs. Texas A&M Aggies Report Card

Huskers lose 53-52. Box Score

Offense: F

This was the worst offensive game for Nebraska all year. They shot 33% from the floor and scored only 52 points. Even without Jake Muhleisen for the rest of the season, this team should be much better than this, especially at home. All of that being said, the Huskers still had a chance to win the game on the last possession, but Nate Johnson used up half of the remaining ten seconds before finally attacking. He took a long 3-pointer instead of trying to drive inside and hit a game-winning two-pointer. It was a terrible way to end a terrible game. This offensive performance is nothing new, but it is still very frustrating to watch. It is hard to believe this area will improve this season.

Best: Andrew Drevo – 5-11 FG, 2-6 3-point for 14 points. The big man hit a couple huge 3-pointers in this game to help Nebraska get back in it, but he needs the ball more often to be an even bigger threat. He has great hands down low, so why not post him up more??

Worst: John Turek – 1-6 FG for 3 points. John is the most disappointing player on the team thus far. I truly believed his 20 point effort against Kansas State last year would be commonplace this year. It has been far from that as he struggles to hit almost every single shot. He needs to go up stronger and stop fading away every time. Another mention goes to Jason Dourisseau who was 2-10 from the floor replacing Jake in the starting lineup. Even for a freshman this is not very productive.

Defense: A

As bad as the offense was, the defense keep Nebraska in the game. The Aggies shot even worse than the Huskers at 31%, but had the x-factor in Bernard King. He made some tremendous moves to lead A&M with 18 points. The bad point on defense has to be leaving potential-freshman-of-the-year Antione Wright wide open for multiple 3-point attempts, of which he buried three of them. This kid leads the team in scoring, so you would think covering him all the time would be a good idea. It is really hard to complain though after only giving up 53 points. That should be good enough to win every single time, but the offense has not kept up its end of the bargain.

Best: Turek – While he played horribly on the offensive end, I must give John a lot of credit on the defensive side. He had four blocks and one steal. One block was a sweet rejection as A&M ran the fast break. John took the ball right out of the Aggie player's hand as he went up. A tremendous play indeed!

Worst: Wes Wilkinson – The freshman from Grand Island still looks out of place on the floor. He is being exploited on the drive all the time because is footwork and speed is lacking quite a bit. I wonder if Barry wishes he had redshirted Wes now.

Rebounding: A

It was a very good job on the boards by Nebraska in a game full of missed shots. They won the battle on the glass 44-36 and only gave up 6 offensive rebounds to the Aggies. Turek, Drevo, and Brennon Clemmons all stepped up to have very nice rebounding games. Nate Johnson had an amazing rebound late in the game as he went way up and snatched it down with one hand.

Best: Clemmons – 8 rebounds with 4 offensive. Brennon made his presence felt as he did a nice job picking up some minutes with Jake's absence. He will need to continue to do this the rest of the season.

Worst: Nobody – Everyone that played quality minutes contributed on the glass, so no one deserves to be listed here.

Free Throw Shooting: C+

This was the difference in the game. The Aggies shot an outstanding 93% (13-14) from the line, while the Huskers had some trouble as they posted an 11-19 effort for 65%. Two more made free throws (Brennon missed two late in the game) would have given the Huskers a win. Oh for the days of Cary Cochran seemingly making every single free throw.

Best: Simms – 4-4 FT. Corey did a nice job getting to the line twice and knocking down every shot. He has struggled for most of the season in this area, so it was nice to see him do well.

Worst: Clemmons – 2-5 FT. This was the one area that Brennon hurt the team instead of helping it. He is usually reliable from the stripe, but he failed to put the Huskers ahead late in the game after missing two freebies. Better luck next game BC!

Overall: D

If this is the way the rest of the season is going to go then Husker fans need to start looking towards Spring football and baseball even more. It was an ugly game to watch and a blown chance to pick up a win in the extremely difficult Big 12. Not much else can be said at this point because without Jake and any consistent shooters, this team looks like it will finish last in the Big 12. Hopefully Barry can find some positives to build on for next season as this year finishes out.

Up Next: Colorado

The Buffs come into Lincoln on Saturday night with one of the best frontcourts in the Big 12, if not the country. David Harrison is a monster inside and Stephane Pelle has torched Nebraska more than once himself. Those two will carry CU as far as they can go, which is probably a 7th or 8th place finish in conference. This is the second of what looks to be only four winnable games for Nebraska. They failed the first opportunity with A&M and they do not look like they can handle a frontcourt as powerful as Colorado's. It would be a great win if the Huskers can pull it off (any win the rest of the season is a great win), but it does not look like a Husker victory will happen.

Prediction: Colorado 65 Nebraska 59

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