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One of the first junior day visitors that really made a name for himself in Lincoln was Lincoln Hansen. Hansen isn't a well-known commodity in the state, mostly because Omaha (Nebr.) Millard North, didn't have a great team last year. Hansen though, is a high offensive line prospect who has been busy seeing schools this summer.

Lincoln Hansen stands out in a crowd, even in a room of recruits. From the sounds of it, Hansen did that very thing at Nebraska's junior day back in February.

The 6-foot-6 and 290-pound Hansen has been busy this summer. He wanted to work on one particular area of his game that he and his school aren't real well known for.

"It's going really good this summer," Hansen said. "Being from Millard North, I really wanted to establish myself as a strong run-blocker, but show that I can be coached and improve at pass blocking.

"I feel that I have done well at what I have set out to do. I am a little nervous about the pass blocking game, but I wanted to figure it out. The coaches have all been teaching me things everywhere I have been."

Hansen has been busy this summer. He has been all over the Midwest taking in camps and junior days. He was out at Colorado State this weekend in fact.

"I have been all over this summer. I have been to Kansas, their O-Line/D-Line camp, Nebraska for the first session, Iowa State for camp, Drake for a senior prospect camp and junior day, Iowa for a one-day camp and then I went to Colorado State and the Friday Night Lights camp at Colorado."

Hansen is getting a lot of good feedback about his chances to get an offer, but hasn't gotten that first offer yet. It seems most schools really want to see Hansen in action this fall before extending him an offer.

"A lot of things are that they want to see my senior film this year. Nebraska, Iowa and Iowa State said to wait for the first three games, pick out my best game film and send it in. That is the goal right now."

Hansen could probably take another trip north and come back with two offers in hand. The two schools that are definitely interested don't extend offers to players that don't take a visit.

"North Dakota and North Dakota State have been really anxious to get me up there and get me introduced to their coaching staff. They said that they don't offer anyone that doesn't come to visit."

While Hansen was just at Colorado State he is headed back to Lincoln for the late Junior Day this coming Friday. Hansen has seen a lot about Nebraska, but said that there are a couple of things that he's looking forward to doing.

"I will be back up at Nebraska for Junior Day on July 31. I am looking forward to seeing the academic center. We only touched briefly on it at the other Junior Day.

"Also, I am pretty familiar with all of the coaching staff already at Nebraska from my other visits. But, I would like to meet some of the players that are up there and get a down-home feel of what it would be like to go to Nebraska."

Hansen really needed this summer to get serious about his recruiting. He wants to see in the first person the passion that the coaches have about their jobs and what their program is really all about.

"I always look at the coaching staff. As part of their job, they have to be really fired up. I want to see that they are passionate about their job. I also want to get a sense for what the program stands for."

There will definitely come a point in time where there will be offers on the table for Hansen. However, it's clear that an offer from Nebraska will carry with it some significance.

"Growing up in Nebraska, I have always loved Nebraska and watched Nebraska football. I watched every game I could. In the scheme of things, I am going to be as unbiased as possible, but I really do like them and their program. All of my family has gone there and it would be a great place to end up."

The Nebraska staff was very thorough with Hansen and took him aside immediately following camp to tell him what they thought of him. Hansen knows what their position is and is concentrating on a good performance his first three games.

"Coach Barney Cotton spoke to me right after the camp was over and said that I had a very good camp. He told me that I came out strong, I am hard-headed and there was no doubt that I am a tough player.

"He told me that they really just need to see me play this year and evaluate me. They said that they would be at my games and that they want me to send them my film."

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