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The Junior Day on Friday is going to be a success for the Nebraska staff regardless of who comes in that weekend and who doesn't. It's a step in the right direction to giving the recruits another chance to get to Lincoln late in the summer. This pair of defensive lineman is headed up to Lincoln this week for the Junior Day on Friday. The DE of the duo is particularly excited about the trip.

At 6-foot-5 and 215-pounds with 4.9/40-speed, Donovan Vestal is a real play maker at the defensive end position. Vestal and his team mate, Diamonte Wheeler, from Arlington (Texas) Bowie are headed up to Nebraska later this week.

"I think that we are leaving Thursday," Vestal said. "I think that we are leaving that night before and then we will be there on Friday. I think that's when we leave.

"I am talking to Diamonte Wheeler about the trip. All the sudden his mom says that she might not be able to go. Either way, if she can't go, he is riding with me. We are driving up there."

Vestal just wants to get up to Nebraska, see the campus and then meet the coaches. He really wants to put a face to the name and the voice that he hears almost every day when he calls Nebraska.

"I just want to see the campus and meet the coaches really. I really want to meet Coach Tim Beck and Coach John Papuchis. I really just want to have fun up there.

"I talk to them (Coach Beck and J.P.) every day. We just talk about how our day is going. We want to get on that "best friend", player-coach basis just so we can get to know each other."

This Junior Day in Lincoln is something that Vestal is really looking forward to because of how well he is going to get treated. The Nebraska staff has a real good chance to prove to Vestal how much they really want him.

"Coach Beck has been telling me that this weekend will be a red carpet affair. He told me that if I come up there this weekend that he is going to treat me well and show me everything.

"What is really pulling me in to what Nebraska is telling me is that I want to get out of my environment. I want to get out and really try something different."

The conversations between Vestal and Nebraska really haven't turned to anything about football yet. Vestal is more focused on feeling comfortable with his recruiting and position coach as well as establishing the relationship between him and them.

"We really haven't talked about football yet. We are really getting to know each other and talking about family and things right now. We can talk about football later. Mostly, it's academics right now."

The drive that Vestal, Wheeler and their families are eyeing later this week doesn't bother Vestal. He has been up to Kansas before and didn't think that it was too far away. He knows Lincoln isn't too much further North than Lawrence (Kans.).

"I have been up to Kansas before and that wasn't too far to drive. I don't think that Nebraska is much further away than Kansas is, maybe a couple of hours or so.

"I can also just fly to anywhere that I want to go. However, it's better for me if both Diamonte and I want to go. It's just easier for that to happen for me. That is my family right there."

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