Bowie's Big D Feeling Three

When Donovan Vestal isn't sleeping or eating, he is working out. This summer has not been much of a break from the school year, but he is trying to enjoy his recruitment as much as possible regardless.

"I'm loving the process.  It's going great."

Visits are in the works and there are 3 schools that are at the top of his list.

"Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma State are my favorites."

Does one particular school stand out?

"Not really.  I'm on the deciding stage so I don't quite know right now.  I love Coach Beck (Nebraska), Coach Beaty (Kansas), and Coach Meachum (OSU)."

The defensive end from Bowie High in Arlington, TX was asked what he is looking for when he will decide on a school.

"I'm looking for a place I would like to stay at after college and start a life."

Vestal does lots of things well on the field, but he thinks that there is something he can work on for his last season of high school ball.

"I want to improve my leadership role on the team so I can get everybody's goal to be exactly like mine.  That goal is to win state."

At 6'6" 254 lbs., Vestal can wreak havoc on the line.  He is strong as a bull and he can get in the backfield and disrupt plays.  D-day is something that he has a tentative plan for.

"I think I will decide on my birthday: August 22nd."

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