Guy wants to visit Nebraska

The Nebraska staff knows that there has to be a couple of defensive tackles in this class. Nebraska has had their eyes on this defensive tackle for a long, long time. But then, Jay Guy committed to Cal. Even though Guy is a verbal, he is a soft verbal, and is planning on taking some visits. Nebraska is one of the trips that Guy is fired up about taking later this year.

Jay Guy is ready to get the season started. The 6-foot-0 and 315-pound Guy who sports a 5.1/40-yard dash time says that he knew about the junior day at Nebraska this weekend, but will wait to see Nebraska on an official visit.

"I am not taking anymore trips this summer," Guy said. "I am waiting until I get to take my official visits this season and after this season. I know that Nebraska is having a junior day this weekend.

"But, I am not taking a trip up there this weekend to see Nebraska. I will be going to see Nebraska some time during the season or after the season is over with."

Guy also has some scheduling conflicts that will make travel tough during his season. A lot of the games that Houston (Texas) Eisenhower has are on Saturday.

"I am going to have to wait to take most of my trips until after my season is over with. We have a lot of Saturday games because we split our facility with four different teams.

"It's kind of hard to visit anywhere with five straight games on a Saturday. I do have a bye week, but it's not until the week before playoffs. I could take a trip then."

Still, there is a need and probably a must to take that first visit to the school that he is committed to. Guy has already seen Cal before and knows what he is looking for specifically in schools to compare them to Cal.

"I will take my first visit to Cal and that one will be in September. When I take trips to schools other than Cal I am going to look at the community and how they react and believe in the football team.

"I am going to also look to see how I fit in on the team. I want to see how I fit in defensively as a player and also how I fit in at the school as whole. Will I like to be at that school for four or five years?"

Guy is interested in getting up to Nebraska because he has heard a lot about their defense and what Bo Pelini is doing in Lincoln. More than that, Guy knows about Ndamukong Suh who is tabbed to be a first round pick next year.

"I have heard that they have a pretty good defense at Nebraska. I know that Coach Bo Pelini has really changed the program a lot. Nebraska also has a defensive tackle that is big time.

"It's going to be that player's senior year. His name is Suh or something like that? I don't know his first name. I really want to see him play. I don't get to see a lot of Nebraska's games here."

The pitch doesn't hurt to approach Guy about being the next Suh at Nebraska or just the need to replace a guy like Suh. It says a lot about Guy's ability and how much Nebraska really would like to have Guy up in Lincoln.

"Nebraska has talked to me about the need to replace Suh on the defensive line next year. I know that they are talking maybe the top pick over all. He's a big-time player."

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