Road Trip almost done for Koenig

It's been a bit of a whirlwind for Florida prep lineman Dan Koenig. Since Thursday last week to today he's been to six schools, ranging from Auburn down in his neck of the woods to Nebraska. He's on his last stop today, this one at Oklahoma State. But he told us what he thought about his trip to see the Big Red.

You have to think that with the kind of money that's been pumped into the Oklahoma State facilities, they would be amongst the best. Heck, for around $200 million or more, they should be at the top. Cape Coral High School (Cape Coral, FL) offensive lineman Dan Koenig isn't going to argue, and he said he hasn't even seen it all. "We just got in today, so I haven't seen much. But the offensive line room is awesome," he said. "They have a white board that goes all the way up to the ceiling, down to the floor and spans the entire width of the room. It's just amazing."

Koenig has seen his share of facilities in the last few days, Dan visiting Auburn, Clemson, Ole Miss, Missouri, Nebraska and now the Cowboys. Nebraska has a reputation of its own when it comes to facilities, which Koenig says is well deserved. But even those, just built within the last few years, might not quite reach the level of what is down in Stillwater right now. "Nebraska's are at the top, which is kind of what I expected. But Oklahoma State's are something else. You can't believe all the stuff they have done here," he said.

It's hard to take everything in and fit everything in when you are trying to hit so many places in such a short amount of time. But when it came to the Nebraska trip Koenig said he learned what he felt he needed to know. "Well, it was kind of what I expected, but they have such a great tradition there, and I know they have put a lot of guys into the NFL," Koenig said. "I got along really well with Coach (Barney) Cotton, and I also talked to the four incoming freshman linemen they had along with their starting center."

Players like asking other players questions. That's not a surprise. While they may truly like and believe the coaches recruiting them, there's something about hearing from a player who was in their own shoes at one point and time. When it comes to that message, he said it was another positive he experienced in Lincoln. "They just talked about how they felt about things, why they chose Nebraska, and what the relationship was like with the coaches. It all seemed to be really good," he said. "It just seems like a great place. But I can say that about the other places I have seen, too."

Tomorrow Koenig plans to hit the road again, this time back to home where he can sit and try and let it all sink in. Before his trip there was a belief that Oklahoma State was the team to beat. Some didn't think the recruiting process would get this far as they expected him to be a Cowboy by now. It would still be hard to knock Oklahoma State from that spot, but Koenig said this trip and these schools have all done their part in evening the recruiting-playing field right now. "It definitely helped. I only knew just so much about each of those schools, but seeing them in person really opens up your eyes about what else is out there," he said. "It's going to be a hard decision. I know that. But once I get home, that's what we'll try to do, and just see if we can get it all figured out."

While Koenig didn't have a timeline for his decision, one should be expected not long after he gets home, perhaps within the next week. Stay tuned to Big Red Report for more on one of the standout prep offensive linemen from the Southeast.

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